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A Letter from Tai Brinegar

“Value those places working to keep information available to everyone.”

A Letter from Sarah Noss

In an increasingly gray world, the Reporter is bright, fresh, funny and incisive.

A Letter from Ray Sandoval

The Santa Fe Reporter stands as a beacon of light in our community.

By Ray Sandoval

A Letter from Linda Serrato

“As we continue to emerge from the darkest days of the pandemic, the importance of the Santa Fe Reporter only grows.”

A Letter from Rashad Mahmood

“Local news is the invisible glue that turns a group of people into a community.”

A Letter from Jason Walker

“We believe that only local journalism can best represent and support the views and ideas that mean the most to those who live here.”

A Letter from Anson Stevens-Bollen

“We not only entertain with our work...but more importantly we produce stories that truly help others.”

A Letter from Julia Goldberg

“The bond readers have with the ‘Reporter’ has driven my work for the entirety of my journalism career.”

Dear Friends

If we value acting locally, supporting the free press is our most vital action

By Zane Fischer

Dear Friends

‘Choosing to support SFR was necessary to capture an audience that believes in the same things we do’

By Diego Munoz

Dear Friends

‘In times like this, it’s important to not take thoughtful journalism for granted’

By Santa Fe Reporter

A Letter from Laura Paskus

When other newspapers were still giving equal voice to climate change deniers and the words “global warming” were never even uttered on commercial television stations, SFR consistently ran stories about how climate change was already affecting New Mexicans

By Laura Paskus

Be a Business Friend

‘It is what we ... do for each other’

By Kyle Harwood

Dear Friends

SFR Ad Director Anna Maggiore introduces first Business Friends

Dear Friends

SFR unveils new model for community support for those who value journalism

By Julie Ann Grimm