Oh hi! I'm Hayden. I'm a cat. A Scottish-Fold, in fact.

I can read. But why should I when I have servants who do that for me? Each Wednesday I remind one of them to pick up a Santa Fe Reporter, so I can make my weekend plans and learn news I can't get anywhere else.

Is it worth giving up my naptime to get all gussied up to see the latest Opera? It usually is, but my go-to reviews are in the Reporter.

Where can I get the best sushi and 'nip in Santa Fe? I rely on the Reporter's weekly email The Fork, and their reviews of new places in town.

And every morning with my espresso I enjoy The Morning Word email, which summarizes and links to the top news stories in the state.

But you know my absolute favorite thing I love about the Santa Fe Reporter? Every year they produce special guides, including the Best of Santa Fe. I love it because I've been in the Top 3 for Best Instagram Feeds for two years (@haydenfold). So clearly readers of SFR know good content when they see it.

The Reporter covers every aspect of life in Santa Fe, and makes my life better and easier. And as a cat, what's more important than that?

Professor of vacant cardboard boxes and their volumetric composition