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Best of Santa Fe 2022 - Pets

Best Dog Training

1. Assistance Dogs of the West

Since 1995, founder and Program Director Jill Felice’s Assistance Dogs of the West has been all about the service dog. And it’s not just ADW’s focus on placing the perfect pooch with veterans living with PTSD, those with mobility impairments or people with developmental disabilities. ADW also runs several training programs. One teaches people how to hone the service dog’s skills to a sharp point, then send that dog on to serve others. Another teaches you how to train your own service dog.

1590 San Mateo Lane, (505) 986-9748

2. A Matter of Manners

A Matter of Manners focuses on force-free, rewards-based training for cats and dogs and works with case types from aggression to puppies to tricks. No animal needs a heavy hand, and my goal is to create a partnership between the animal and their caretakers. Training should be fun for all involved! Behavior consultations are virtual with in person services available after that, everything is scheduled online.

3. No No Fifi

Owner Shelley Bachicha comes to you with decades of experience in helping your dog through separation anxiety (we all know they hate it when we leave), car manners, how to be a well-behaved boss at the dog park and more. But before any of that, during your free initial consultation, Shelley gets into “The Basic Seven:” sit, stay, come, down, off, leave it and loose leash walking.

(505) 795-6315

Best Pet CBD Product

1. Fruit of the Earth Natural Health

We don’t know about you, but there’s a very good chance that a bag of 5mg Peanut Butter Pumpkin Universal Biscuits (they’re gluten free, folks) from Fruit of the Earth might get eaten by the humans in our house before the dog or cat ever touch them. (It comes in a sweet potato sesame flavor, too.) We’ll pass on the Microbotanica for Furry Friends (300mg of CBD per bottle) but that stuff will have your cat or dog grooving and feeling right.

901 Early St., (505) 310-7917

2. Sacred Wellness

This company has been in the cannabinoid manufacturing game for years and makes a yummy-looking 2mg CBD dog chew that’s certain to help out the hound with the achy hips or back. Sacred Wellness also sells a line of 1-ounce CBD tinctures in 125mg, 300mg and 600mg strengths.

1300 Rufina Circle, Ste. A1, (505) 551-0503

3. Hemp Apotheke

Proprietor Gyana Basse discovered CBD after a car accident that left her in pain and her nervous system scrambled. It worked for her, and it’s worked for her many clients at Hemp Apotheke, some of whom are pets! Find tinctures and treats for your four-legged friends at the store on Rufina Circle.

1330 Rufina Circle, (505) 231-7775

Best Pet Daycare

1. Santa Fe Tails

The sprawling, 18,000-square-foot facility at Santa Fe Tails means there’s plenty of room for your dog to get his or her play on ‘til nap time. Their philosophy is to create pet groups based on energy level, not size, which, honestly, sounds brilliant. But what if your dog isn’t the play-well-with-others type? No worries. This shop has a social program, with close monitoring and help to develop the skills needed to party with the rest of the pack.

2109 Warner Circle, (505) 820-0731

2. Paws Plaza

Come for the full acre of outdoor space, stay for the heated and air-conditioned indoor chill zone. Folks, there’s a climbing mountain and one of those agility courses that, should your dog happen to master it, could lead to the defeat of some fancy breed at Westminster. The crew at Paws Plaza will even loan your dog a jacket when it’s chilly out.

1416 4th St., (505) 820-7529

3. Zoomies Dog Daycare and Resort

No cages here—just a full range of play and relax options for everyone from overly rambunctious pups to lazy old hounds. You may have some strict rules at home about dogs on the furniture, but not so at Zoomies. There are couches, soft dog beds and even futons, perfect for a full-day nap or a place to take a break between good-spirited wrestling matches.

513A Camino De Los Marquez, (505) 954-1473

Best Pet Grooming

1. Barks & Bubbles

Your dog can get the full works at Barks & Bubbles with a trained groomer: the trims, the washes, the brushes and maybe even a little gossip—if this particular dog is into that sort of thing, of course. This client appreciation is a reflection of quality pet care with over 40 years of combined experience.

1311 Calle Nava, (505) 820-2275

2. Turquoise Tails Dog Grooming

Mani-pedis. Toothbrushing. All the washing you could imagine. Even breed-specific haircuts! This shop has deep-washes, de-shedding and lighter-touch options for when your dog just needs a little something.

1624 Cerrillos Road, (505) 930-5909

3. Zoomies Dog Daycare and Resort

Pricing for prettying up your pooch at Zoomies is based on size, but the quality of the wash cares not for how big or small. Itchy ears during allergy season? Yeah, that gets taken care of here as well with an ear cleaning. Combine a few services off the menu and get a discount. (As their website says, “Who doesn’t like to save money?”)

513A Camino De Los Marquez, (505) 954-1473

Best Pet Store

1. Teca Tu: A Pawsworthy Pet Emporium

It’s not just about the dog at Teca Tu, but rest assured, there is nothing you could possibly want for a proper canine that they don’t have. Beds, clothes, treats and backpacks for the doggy hiking enthusiast in your house are in abundant supply. We promise the cat won’t get jealous, either, because there’s a full slate of toys for them as well.

DeVargas Center, 165 Paseo De Peralta (505) 982-9374

2. Critters and Me

Doing it in Santa Fe since 1998, Critters and Me is your spot for all-natural and organic foods for dogs, cats, birds, horses and more. (You can score high-quality food for your rabbit or hamster, too, if that’s your jam.) There are toys, too, and you can get a counseling session on how to feed your pet better than you feed yourself!

1403 Agua Fría St., (505) 982-5040

3. Eldorado Country Pet & Wild Bird

The array of feeds for wild birds will catch your eye at Eldorado Country Pet, but there’s plenty more going on here. They sell foods that lead with the protein—that’s the good stuff—and offer all manner of treats, toys and other, ahem, creature comforts to please your pet.

7 Avenida Vista Grande, Ste. B-5, (505) 466-1270

Best Veterinarian

1. Smith Veterinarian

The well-known walk-in vets at Smith are acclaimed because they’ve been operating in Santa Fe since 1946. Their team of 17 vets does it all, from surgeries to preventative care to handling whatever emergency-causing trouble your pet has gotten into. There’s pet dentistry, too, and we can’t overstate how important that can be. And if you need a cat boarded, Smith has your back. (Also, don’t miss the photo on the website of founder Dr. Ed Smith treating Smokey Bear.)

600 Alta Vista St., (505) 982-4418

2. Gruda Veterinary Hospital

Let’s just go ahead and start with the veterinary acupuncture on offer at Gruda, then tell you they cover every other type of medical care your pet could ever need. The lab is in-house, and separate dog and cat areas mean no unnecessary mixing of the species. And if it’s required, find an ICU ward as well.

9 Rumble Road, (505) 471-4400

3. Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

It’s appointment-only at the society’s Clare Eddy Thaw Animal Hospital, which is very much a full-service vet. We also really appreciate the shelter clinic here, which serves injured, homeless and unwanted pets. Find a spay and neuter clinic here, too.

100 Caja Del Rio Road, (505) 983-4309

Best Nonprofit for Animals

1. Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

This is Northern New Mexico’s largest no-kill, open adoption shelter. It spreads out over 100 acres and makes adopting easy and educational. Most of all, the shelter’s staff are committed to matching pet and human perfectly. Find vet services, training classes and more. Also, shoutout to the shelter’s new CEO, Jack Hagerman, who writes the monthly “Heavy Petting” column for SFR.

100 Caja Del Rio Road, (505) 983-4309

2. Española Valley Humane Society

The impeccably dressed, smiling chihuahua on the homepage gets a very enthusiastic thumbs-up from the SFR crew. Beyonds that, you’ll find their unique “GoodPup” training program and, of course, a smooth experience for adoption.

108 Hamm Parkway, Española (505) 753-8662

3. The Horse Shelter

Up to 50 rescued horses inhabit this altruistic ranch at any given time. They’re cared for, rehabilitated and adopted out to good homes. The real selling point here, in our opinion, anyway, is the Horse Shelter’s work with state agencies to investigate cases of horse abuse. That’s a mission we can all get behind.

100 AB Old Cash Ranch Road, Cerrillos (505) 471-6179

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