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Best of Santa Fe 2022 - Home Services

Best Alterations

1. Alterations & More

We all know the feeling of looking in our closet, seeing our favorite item of clothing and trying to put it on only to have a zipper break or a seam tear. Before thinking irrationally and throwing your chic top, trusty blazer or elegant summer dress away, remember that Alterations & More can return your clothes to near-perfect condition—as they looked when you pulled them off the hanger in the store. You won’t even need a time machine to go back and think twice before haphazardly yanking a tight-fitting shirt over your head and ignoring the zipper!

2864 Cerrillos Road, (505) 424-9216

2. Santa Fe Seamstress

Fabrics, needles and threads, oh my! This is the place to go whenever your clothes need any kind of revitalizing. Pockets will be sewn shut, waistbands adjusted and pants magically tapered. Feel like Cinderella in that perfectly altered new ballgown or live out your Prince Charming dream in that fixed-up and dapper new suit.

418 Cerrillos Road, (505) 983-8483

3. Express Alterations (Martinizing)

Have you found that perfect top or jacket but realized it doesn’t fit quite right? Look no further, Santa Fe. At Martinizing, wardrobe wonders are ensured. In a time crunch? Have no fear. Same-day service is available upon request before 11am (only at the St. Francis location).

1091 St. Francis Drive, (505) 982-8603; 400 N Guadalupe St., (505) 988-2455; 913 Old Pecos Trail, (505) 982-9259; 2801 Rodeo Road, (505) 473-4396

Best Architect

1. High Desert Architecture

Principal Architect Ramón Gabriel Martinez leads a talented team at High Desert—all about New Mexico modern. They work to shed new light on iconic New Mexican style through using the “latest design technology, artfully modern creativity,” while simultaneously being “backed by building science and best practices,” all while preserving the -qualities of our state’s architecture that we know and love. Dedicated to customer service, all associates have one common desire: to build you the home of your dreams.

255 Staab St., (505) 363-6234

2. Hoopes & Associates

On the BOSF podium once again is the modern and minimalist architecture firm that Santa Fe undeniably loves. Designing luxury homes since 1992, this company’s associates have been working around some challenging construction problems all while maintaining a mutual respect and trust between employer and client for the past 30 years! President Craig Hoopes is dedicated to experimenting with many different staple forms of modern and innovative architecture.

333 Montezuma Ave., Ste. 200 (505) 986-1010

3. Spears Horn Architects

Designing Santa Fe’s favorite buildings for years, Spears Horn Architects are determined to leave their mark. We can say with certainty that they have. Whether working on iconic buildings around town, everyday business locations, or the bandstand on the Plaza, it’s hard to find a place in the city that these professionals haven’t worked on. Green building while simultaneously preserving the natural environment in a sustainable manner is important for Spears Horn.

1334 Pacheco St., (505) 983-6966

Best Art Frame Shop

1. Frontier Frames

Voted first place in this category for over 20 years, it’s hard to deny this is the place to go when looking for special frames to fit your home’s staple art pieces. It’s arguable that the frame is just as important as the art piece, especially in a town like Santa Fe where art is probably more important than air...Not only is a frame essential to protect your precious masterpiece, but also to enhance the presentation of the work, vital to taking your art to the next level. Freaking out yet? Relax and remember, Frontier Frames has got you covered.

2008 St Michael’s Drive, (505) 473-1901

2. Fine Art Framers

We don’t exactly know if frame utopia is a thing, but if it were, it would be inside Fine Art Framers. Heaven on Earth for art collectors and museum curators alike, you’ll walk out of here with everything you need to make your art dreams come true. Gilded ornate designs, vintage styles and canvas-veneered woods galore. Owner William Schmidt is an artist, one passionate about his craft and who strives to spread the beauty of art and framework and who has more that 35 years of experience in the field.

1415 W Alameda St., (505) 982-4397

3. Justin’s Frame Designs

If you are a regular at Santa Fe’s countless art galleries, the odds that you’ve been around heaps of frames from Justin’s are very high. Supplying local galleries since the start, helping interior designers find the perfect addition to their new project, or assisting those less knowledgeable in the sphere, this shop has got services for everyone.

1221 Flagman Way, Ste. A2, (505) 955-1911

Best Chimney Sweep

1. Bailey’s Chimney Cleaning and Repair

At Bailey’s, safety, value and professionalism are essential attributes. With reasonable prices and practically all the chimney services under the sun, the city and surrounding areas have had an exceptional business available to help with their seasonal needs for over 20 years. It’s obvious Bailey’s quality care hasn’t lost its luster. Did we mention the company offers additional roof services? You heard us right. Roof repairs, gutter cleaning, vent installation and tree-trimming services will help ensure your roof is prepared for whatever weather New Mexico throws atcha.

(505) 988-2771

2. Casey’s Top Hat Chimney Sweep

What’s nicer than crowding around a winter fire with your closest friends and family knowing there’s no safer place to be? Offering services in a 70-mile radius around Santa Fe, those of us who live farther away from downtown can count on Casey’s. Chimney fires who? Richard Rice, the owner, and crew have your back. Keep it toasty, Santa Fe.

7921 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 989-5775

3. K.C. Wester

Offering services from chimney cap installation to firebox rebuilding to flue re-lining, to even simple chimney cleanings, K.C. Wester’s motto, “Technology to Safeguard Your Home,” couldn’t be any more accurate. Dryer vent services are offered as well. So get those vents squeaky clean, dry your laundry more efficiently, and save some money in utilities while you’re at it.

7 Ave Vista Grande, (505) 466-3337

Best Dry Cleaning Service

1. Martinizing Dry Cleaners

Not only does Martinizing dry clean your clothes, the business does so in a fully sustainable way. Dedicated to reducing Santa Fe’s carbon footprint, it avoids petrochemical solvents. Instead, workers use pure liquid silicone to preserve the dyes and surface fibers of your clothing to keep its color, quality and softness. The products decomposing qualities are not bad for the environment and its odorless, colorless solution is safe on your clothes. To make it even easier for their customers, you can sign up and select a time and day for pickup or delivery. Bring your cashmere sweaters, your dress suit or your fanciest dress to Martinizing to see the difference, feel the difference and smell the difference.

1091 St. Francis Drive, (505) 982-8603; 400 N Guadalupe St., (505) 988-2455; 913 Old Pecos Trail, (505) 982-9259; 2801 Rodeo Road, (505) 473-4396

2. La Unica Dry Cleaners

Help La Unica celebrate being in business for more than half a century. Ready to hit the slopes? Bring in your ski and snowboard gear for a deep clean. Soirée out on the town? Bring over your cocktail dress and spiff it up. Spring cleaning? Scour your closet and deliver those dress shirts that need some serious revamping after being stuffed into the darkest corners.

647 Cerrillos Road, (505) 983-1182

3. Park Avenue Cleaners

Courteous and prompt staff combined with quick, efficient and cheap services make this place Santa Fe’s dry cleaning gem. Not only do they dry clean, they tailor, alter, mend and hem, too. Get the bang for your buck sundae here, with exceptional customer service as the cherry on top.

720 St Michael’s Drive, Ste. K, (505) 438-2524

Best Electrician

1. Gorman Lightning Protection and Electric

Not only does Gorman offer some of the best home services in the city, the owners also delivered our paper back in the day! This family-owned business, whose main goal is to ensure the safety and success of its clients, doesn’t only ensure preventative lightning measures for homes and businesses. Jay Gorman says customer service and setting the bar high is what’s most important: “We work as hard as we can to ensure our professional technicians have the best training and the skill set to meet each individual customer’s needs,” he tells us. Is your breaker box way too confusing with all those multi-colored levels and sloppily written labels? Don’t worry; we’re in the same boat. Is your hot tub or spa acting funky? You know who to call. It’s not Ghostbusters—it’s Gorman.

325 Palomino St., (505) 989-3564

2. G.L. Runer Electric

Whether you’re looking for help installing a more ambient lighting scheme for your kitchen, or simply need help changing some hard-to-reach bulbs, G.L. Runer is the answer to all the electric questions you’ve been waiting for. Helpful, friendly staff work to restore your living space and outdoor areas to the bright and vibrant environment you deserve. When in need, G.L. Runer is like a light at the end of the tunnel. See what we did there?

(505) 471-3626

3. Miguel’s Electrical Services

With prices on the rise in almost all spheres of life, now is a better time than ever to start being more energy efficient. We all know the dreadful feeling of receiving that unwanted electric bill at the end of the month. It’s a good thing Miguel’s is here. Remodeling, renovating, customizing and commercializing, you can count on patient and dedicated staff.

PO Box 6667, (505) 501-0763

Best Flooring

1. Coronado Paint and Decorating

Attention to detail, quality flooring and affordable prices are what set this business apart from the rest. The store boasts the state’s largest selection of stone, tile, hardwood, luxury, vinyl and carpet, and we’d be genuinely shocked if you told us you went to Coronado and couldn’t find what you were looking for. Did we mention they have a 7,000-square-foot stone and tile showroom? Come and browse potential tile. Stay and walk out with the floor plan of your dreams.

2929 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-5333

2. Old Wood

What started as a family-owned business in the heart of the Rockies, Old Wood has expanded to provide its services to the entire state. With a showroom downtown and a production facility in Las Vegas, Old Wood is determined to provide its clients with nothing short of a sustainable, unique and enduring floor.

505 Cerrillos Road #207, (505) 989-9663

3. Absolute Flooring

We’re afraid the name gives them away. The services here are endless. Come to Absolute with questions concerning wood lamination, carpet installation and, of course, premium flooring options. Meeting your budget and collaborating with your visions is what’s most important: Grout, don’t pout, Santa Fe.

1402 Agua Fria St., (505) 982-2228

Best Homebuilder

1. Tierra Concepts

In business for over 30 years, winning too many awards to count and generating a nifty portfolio of homes in Las Campanas—including its 2021 Grand Hacienda winner in the Parade of Homes—Tierra Concepts is the place to go when looking for a team who will -collaborate with you to create the home of your dreams. Working toward intimacy and livability while maintaining focus on individualism, a one-of-a-kind homebuilding experience is ensured here. Attention to detail, credibility, quality craftsmanship and close to 200 homes under their belt means clients can rest at ease, knowing the construction of their new home will be handled with skill.

1512 Pacheco St., Ste. D206, (505) 989-8484

2. Homewise

Even with all the upsides of living in Santa Fe, the housing market is through-the-roof expensive and getting worse. Community development at nonprofit Homewise renovates structures, finds empty homes for families in Santa Fe and Albuquerque to move into and builds new neighborhoods from the ground up.

1301 Siler Road, Bldg. D, (505) 983-9473

3. Prull Custom Builders

One the most versatile homebuilders in our state, Prull builds each project unique from the rest. The builders will even whip out drones to track and report back progress—some sort of futuristic and utopian customer service, we say. Check out their works in progress on the website now to get inspired.

3204 Calle Marie, (505) 438-8005

Best Interior Design

1. Samuel Design Group

If you just moved into a house and need to personalize it to your standards or are just craving an office upgrade, look no further. Samuel Design Group will transform your living areas from bleak to chic before you can say, “Upgrade, please!” A living room will feel more lively, a bedroom more relaxing and an office space more productive after the help of the talented designers who who want to transform your space into something special just as badly as you do. Their process “includes getting to know each client personally to understand their space and goals in order to develop their unique design story.” A makeover has never sounded better.

607 Cerrillos Road, (505) 820-0239

2. Violante & Rochford Interiors

Dabbling in all styles, from contemporary to traditional, Violante & Rochford has all the well-deserved street cred Santa Fe can trust. With gleaming reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations left and right, they’re the answer to all our artistic prayers. From small ceramic trinkets to antique furniture to full-service interior design, we think it’s time for all of us to live out our decorating fantasies. It’s a good thing we know just who to take along.

401 Paseo De Peralta, (505) 983-3912

3. Annie O’Carroll

A xenophile of the highest degree, Annie O’Carroll has traveled far and wide having wild adventures. And with those adventures came the appreciation for and immersion into distinct cultures, each with their own unique, beautiful styles. Count on her to convert your living space into an aesthetic interior getaway—Mediterranean, Italian, South American, or you could always stick to New Mexican, of course.

1512 Pacheco St., Ste. A104, (505) 983-7055

Best Landscaping Company

1. Desert Rose Landscaping

Been craving a Zen garden? This is your calling. Whether your backyard project is stalled and you need professional help or if you want to start completely from scratch, Desert Rose does it right. They’re around to help through all four seasons, cleaning leaves in the fall, trimming in the spring, growing in the summer and maintaining your outdoor space in the winter, so it’s ready when the sun and heat make their reappearance. Owner Phil Madrid found his -passion outside his home and has worked hard to maintain the beauty of his own backyard—and yours—since 1998. A new and innovative change to the home might just be what we all need right about now. Keep it mowin’ and growin,’ Santa Fe.

1336 Acequia Borrada, (505) 471-6403

2. McCumber Fine Gardens

We refuse to believe there’s anything nicer than stepping outside and being transported to an oasis while being able to enjoy the peace from the comfort of one’s home. McCumber will help transform your backyard into the space of your dreams, one where you can relax and breathe a little deeper. With services from xeriscaping to installing perennial gardens, they’ve got something for everyone.

86 Old Las Vegas Hwy., (505) 820-0837

3. Raincatcher

Not only is Raincatcher set on beautifying your yard, it seeks to do so in an ecologically friendly way. Among the services on offer: seeding with native grasses—an effective way to restore root systems and hold soil together to ensure minimal erosion and healthy land. Count us in! Providing myriad choices to elevate your space, check out their edible landscaping, permaculture design and hardscaping, too.

2053 Camino Lado, (505) 501-4407

Best Lighting

1. Dahl Lighting

Ambiance is important in any environment, and it’s a crucial aspect of designing any room. Whether you need to feel more productive in your office or more at ease in your bedroom, Dahl will help find the best remodeling option for you. Count on them to craft beautiful and welcoming environments, inside and outside alike. Check out their full service showroom with an “eclectic range of lamps, fixtures and other lighting products” for extra professional help to make your space fit your needs. If you’re still feeling unsure, their on-site construction consultations will cement your plans and personalized design ideas. Make sure to schedule your private appointment at Dahl in advance and get ready to light your way one step closer to your dream home or office.

1000 Siler Park Lane, Ste. A, (505) 471-7272

2. La Luz

We’ve all been put off by headaches and migraines before; what people fail to realize, however, is that the leading cause of those pesky pains is inadequate lighting. Perhaps you should treat yourself, and your well-being, to new, beautiful and unique lighting fixtures. With artistic, ambient styles ranging from hand-blown glass to gorgeous sconces to pendant lighting, La Luz has got everything under the sun.

1512 Pacheco St., Ste. C203, (505) 954-1149

3. Ray of Light

There’s usually a light, even amid the darkness, and we’re pretty sure it’s Ray of Light. The variety here is unexplainable. Traditional chandeliers, wacky fixtures, artistic lamps galore! With friendly and helpful staff to help with tricky artistic decisions and contractor-friendly services, Ray of Light has been a Santa Fe favorite since 1996.

2885 Cooks Road, (505) 474-6268

Best Mortgage Lender

1. Del Norte Credit Union

Real estate in Santa Fe is already stressful enough, so what’s the reason for putting yourself through a harder time with a mortgage lender you can’t trust? At Del Norte, you are in the best hands with associates willing to offer “sound home advice and local expertise” when it comes to processing and underwriting. Turn an anxiety-inducing experience into one of professionalism and ease. You can always depend on the credit union to get you the best deal possible with their mortgage refinancing, offering lower monthly payments, shortened loan length and debt consolidation. They’re community members, too.

3286 Cerrillos Road, (505) 455-5228; 510 N Guadalupe St., Ste. A/B, (505) 455-5228; 604 W San Mateo Road, (505) 455-5228

2. State Employees Credit Union

SECU offers auto, home and personal loans with what it calls the most extensive financing in the state. They’ll help you secure the car you’ve been coveting, that perfect house you’ve been looking at on Zillow and extra help to start up that project you’ve been hoping to push forward for years, all with top-notch customer service and employees determined to help transform your dreamy future into something tangible.

813 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., (505) 983-7328

3. Homewise

Homewise has been working hard since 1986 to provide Santa Feans in need of funding with adequate assistance to build a future in our city. Take Jenny Rowland, a Santa Fe educator, for example. Never having owned a home before partly due to the jaw-droppingly low income educators endure nationwide, Homewise provided a $20,000 down payment to fund her move into a home in the city. If this inspiring story doesn’t push you to ask for their help, we don’t know what will.

1301 Siler Road, Bldg. D, (505) 983-9473

Best Pest Control

1. Bugman Pest Control

Running into a giant centipede every so often is a universally Santa Fean experience, and we can say with certainty that it’s one of the more unpleasant things about living here. Being a secure safety net for New Mexico for almost three decades now, Bugman has provided customers with peace of mind. That top-notch bug-wrangling has led to stacked referrals and gleaming reviews from the type of folks who see a bug and think about just moving rather than dealing with the problem. From pest prevention to extermination, Bugman’s staff can end the infestation cycle.

2873 Trades West Road, (505) 455-3832

2. New Mexico Pest Control

Bed bugs, mosquitoes, beetles, cockroaches? We can sleep soundly knowing that in the worst case scenario, it’s time to call New Mexico Pest Control. It’s always better to get on top of a pest problem before it gets out of hand. Keep an eye out for rodents, termites or ticks regularly and save this number on your fridge to protect your home and family if and when things get creepy or crawly.

3213 Calle Marie, (505) 302-0936

3. Critter Control

Since 1983, Critter Control has been protecting and keeping homes safe from our greatest fears. We admire people who don’t fear bugs, and their customer service, expansive expertise and fast, reliable service is tops.

(505) 985-5902

Best Plumbing Company

1. Aranda’s Plumbing and Heating

With the summer heat at its peak and temperatures reaching three-digit numbers, it’s important to take preventive measures. Aranda’s offers air conditioning performance tune-ups to ensure that your swamp cooler is in good and efficient condition. Take some comfort knowing that you spend the least amount of money on cooling bills as possible. We take our home appliances for granted until something goes wrong, but it is nice to know that there is a professional to call when things go awry. From malfunctioning water heaters to tricky boilers to mundane plumbing issues, Aranda’s is there to replace, repair, maintain and guarantee a healthier home.

600 Cortez St #1012, (505) 983-7391

2. TLC Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

Water is such a precious resource in New Mexico, and with our famous lack of rain—excluding the monsoon season of course—it’s important to be conservative and ecologically friendly when using home appliances. Upgrade your systems today, maybe, with TLC. We’re hearing that radio jingle in our heads as we type this. “PLUMBING HEATING AND COOOOOLING—TLC!”

2532 Camino Entrada, (505) 471-0119

3. Anytime Plumbing

Tim Sanchez and his crew have been working for over 15 years to provide Santa Fe and surrounding areas with plumbing installation and repair services around the clock, “anytime,” dare we say. With fair and upfront pricing, even for emergency service and plumbers on-call 24/7, they aren’t kidding when they say, “No need to swear, we’re here to repair your drain or leak, anytime of the week.” Amen to that.

1528 Center Drive, (505) 474-4441

Best Real Estate Agency

1. Barker Realty

Who would have thought house-hunting could be—get this—an enjoyable, stress-free experience? You heard us right. According to Barker, it takes a “detailed system and plan, relentless follow-up, and excellent communication with the client” to find or sell a home. That sounds ideal to us. Not only are they willing to work around every price range imaginable, they do so with an unmatched professionalism and knowledge of the real estate sphere. Knowing the ins and outs of the Santa Fe housing market just might score you your dream house. Check out open houses, condo and apartment listings or luxury housing options.

530 S Guadalupe St., (505) 982-9836

2. Santa Fe Properties

We’d be surprised if you looked into Santa Fe Properties’ listings and couldn’t find a single house up your alley. Yes, the firm offers houses and condos, but also sells land and ranches. Go live out that countryside life; what are you waiting for? If you want to stick closer to the city, don’t fear. Check out their historic Eastside and Eldorado listings to find the perfect home for you.

1000 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 982-4466

3. Sotheby’s International Realty

Have you had your eyes on a house that’s been on the market for a while now? It’s time to get out and get looking, and Sotheby’s is the gentle nudge you’ve been looking for. With brokers dedicated to finding you a house that checks all your boxes and houses all across the state to look at, you can rest assured.

231 Washington Ave., (505) 988-8088; 326 Grant Ave., (505) 982-6207

Best Roofing Company

1. Brian McPartlon Roofing

Seasonal weather is difficult in Santa Fe, to say the least. With a good amount of snowfall each winter and monsoon season in the summer, it’s expected that roofs get worn and torn. McPartlon offers roof repair, replacement and maintenance, but we think that the biggest deal they offer is a complimentary roof assessment. If it brings you any consolation whatsoever, these folks worked on the restoration of the former governor’s mansion, the Georgia O’Keeffe residence, and the district courthouse. Trust us when we say they’re reliable, all right? Be sure to book in advance, though, because with quality comes quantity. By that we mean they’re so good their appointment spots get filled up rather quickly.

39 Bisbee Court, Unit 7, (505) 982-6256

2. Mike Lopez Roofing

Having served Santa Fe and surrounding areas for more than 40 years, it comes as no surprise that this company is so well-loved by the community. With Mike Lopez Roofing, the customer’s standards always come first and building an insulated roof is as important as fostering long-lasting relationships with their clients. Count on them to insulate and weatherproof your roof for any season and weather Santa Fe decides to conjure.

3000 Agua Fría St., (505) 982-8262

3. Southwest Spray Foam

Southwest Spray Foam is set on providing its customers with effective and efficient roofing services, both to maintain the safety of their homes and to help save substantial money on future maintenance and energy costs, all while utilizing new and reliable roofing technology to offer to make it through the harshest winters and the hottest summers.

42 Bisbee Court, (505) 231-6032

Best Solar Energy Company

1. Positive Energy Solar

Sun energy, unlike fossil fuels, is infinite and healthy for the environment. With the status of global warming, now is as good a time as ever to install solar power. Not only is it good for our communal Mother Earth, it is significantly more cost-efficient, installation significantly increases the value of your property and you don’t even have to worry about potential repairs for a long time coming—these solar panels come with a 25-year warranty. Winning the top spot for countless years in a row, Positive Energy Solar has the best reputation in New Mexico with over 5,000 successful installations statewide. They save you money, they’re good for the environment; is there anything else we could possibly ask for?

3209 Richards Lane, (505) 424-1112

2. New Mexico Solar Group

Offering solar panel installations across New Mexico and having recently expanded into Texas, New Mexico Solar Group is helping Santa Fe go green with clean energy in every house, small business, agricultural facility and so on. For every installation it completes, the company donates $20 to the GivePower Foundation, an organization centered around providing people access to safe drinking water through solar powered desalination.

3831 Singer Blvd. NE, Albuquerque (505) 415-6172

3. Sol Luna Solar

Community oriented Sol Luna works to back statewide initiatives and develop strategies to benefit Santa Fe and surrounding areas both “environmentally and socially.” In addition to offering all sorts of solar services, they offer installations of electric vehicle charging stations for homes and businesses as well. Whether you’re interested in buying an electric car or are already an owner, Sol Luna will tailor all their services to your needs.

56 Hwy. 65, Dixon, (505) 455-8875

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