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Best of Santa Fe 2022 - Kids

Doodlet’s (Katherine Lewin)

Best Children’s Store

1. Doodlet’s

On top once again, not only is this store adored by children, it’s always a fun time for parents, too. In business and entertaining Santa Fe since 1955, you can always count on leaving the store with a smile on your face, and a few new toys. Check out handmade folk art, take home some candy or pick out a couple funky ornaments for the holidays. With upwards of 140,000 treasures to uncover, we’re afraid if you don’t drag your kids out, they’d stay in Doodlet’s forever.

120 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 983-3771

2. Bee Hive Books

Help Bee Hive celebrate 10 years in business by stopping by and getting lost in the shelves. Did we mention they run writing workshops for your potential up-and-coming kid author? Well, now you know. Let the bookworm shine through, Santa Fe.

328 Montezuma Ave., (505) 780-8051

3. Moon Rabbit Toys

Gather around the fireplace or enjoy a summer evening out on the veranda with your loved ones and your new pick from Moon Rabbit Toys. Visit and pick up your new strategic, problem-solving and interactive pastime here.

112 W San Francisco St. # 212C, (505) 982-9373

Best Elementary School

1. Wood Gormley Elementary

Providing quality education while closing the wealth and achievement gaps in our state, Wood Gormley offers one of the best learning environments in Santa Fe. Parents are welcome to play an active role, too, inspiring a sense of community. The small wonder of Santa Fe Public Schools is tucked away in the South Capital, where creativity is encouraged every day of the school year.

141 E Booth St., (505) 467-4800

2. Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences

Offering comprehensive tactile learning, fostering self-expression and uniqueness while incorporating social and emotional development programs throughout the entire elementary curriculum, Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences is determined to help children on their way to becoming compassionate, whole-hearted and harmonious human beings.

5912 Jaguar Drive, (505) 438-8585

3. Turquoise Trail Charter School

A New Mexico-certified bilingual multicultural education program, Turquoise Trail has been continually providing some of the highest educational standards as a charter school since 1994. They’ve even got their own staff-led podcast!

13 San Marcos Loop, (505) 986-4000

Best High School

1. Santa Fe High School

With unique magnet programs for select studies—Academy of AgriScience, Institute of Biotechnology and the Academy of Veterinary Assisting—Santa Fe High is committed to the success of every student, through providing extensive student resources. The after school tutoring program, Beyond the Bell, is just one example of the dedication at the central high for Santa Fe Public School. Plus, there’s an endless amount of sports to participate in and clubs to join.

2100 Yucca St., (505) 467-2400

2. New Mexico School for the Arts

Offering intensive education in major art disciplines while maintaining stellar standard assessment scores in reading, math and science is quite a feat of excellence. The charter school even offers a residential program to those living commuting-distance away from Santa Fe. Admission is by application.

500 Montezuma Ave., (505) 310-4194

3. Mandela International Magnet School

Students participating in the International Baccalaureate Program, like the one offered at Mandela, are known for getting into the world’s best universities. With an excellent teacher-to-student ratio and a small and secluded school setting, Mandela gives your child opportunities to flourish.

1604 Agua Fria St., (505) 467-1901

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

1. Cowgirl

We won’t lie, the idea of sipping on an ice cold Shirley Temple while munching on an out of this world, cheesy quesadilla sounds appealing, even to us adults. It’s practically a given that the kids will have a great time at Cowgirl, which even has its own built-in playground. The establishment is so dedicated to keeping your kid smiling that you can even order an ice cream “baked potato” for your little one. Talk about cocoa goodness!

319 S Guadalupe St., (505) 982-2565

2. Plaza Cafe Southside

Put your kids in front of a juicy cheeseburger and a strawberry shake and we assure you, they won’t be complaining. The funky throwback environment and decorations are ogle-worthy and the amiable staff are the cherry on top of this kid-friendly experience.

3466 Zafarano Drive, (505) 424-0755

3. Tomasita’s

With all sorts of options for the pickiest eaters and a menu full of fun scenes to color in and puzzles to solve, expect an evening of catching up on gossip without that constant tug on your sleeve at Tomasita’s.

500 S Guadalupe St., (505) 983-5721

Best Kids Dental Practice

1. Dentistry for Kids

Santa Fe has got itself a real gem with Dentistry for Kids. Driven by the love and care of Dr. Kris Hendricks and his knowledgeable staff, plus all the pediatric dental services under the sun, this is the place to be. From preventative measures to routine check-ups, it’s nice to know the staff here are as concerned with the health and well-being of your child as you are.

1439 S St. Francis Drive, (505) 473-5437

2. Just for Grins Pediatric Dentistry

Just for Grins will keep your kid smiling for many years to come. Offering perinatal and infant care, these folks offer restorative treatment for those pesky cavities and emergency management services.

490B W Zia Road, (505) 428-7878

3. Pueblo de Niños Dental

Dr. Daniel Borrero makes sure to form personal connections with his patients and is compassionate and understanding when talking to parents about potential issues and how to prevent them.

3252 Cerrillos Road, (505) 954-1128

Best Middle School

1. Mandela International Magnet School

Exposing a child to the power of foreign language at a young age is one of the best things you can do. At Mandela International Magnet School, students find an international mindset and a foreign language of their choice in which they are encouraged to reach fluency. By creating such a multifaceted and culturally aware environment, students are pushed toward learning about the diversity around them to, in turn, inspire the creation of a better, more peaceful environment wherever they go in life. Get your child one step closer to becoming a global citizen by applying for Mandela’s admissions lottery on the Santa Fe Public Schools website.

1604 Agua Fria St., (505) 467-1901

2. Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences

The Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences works to nurture a kind, safe, respectful environment where students can thrive and embrace this time of intellectual and emotional change.

5912 Jaguar Drive, (505) 438-8585

3. Turquoise Trail Charter School

At Turquoise Trail, smaller class sizes, advisory-modeled support and opportunities for students to pursue passion projects are great examples of this school’s take on learning.

13 San Macros Loop, (505) 986-4000

Santa Fe Children’s Museum (Shelby Wyatt)

Best Nonprofit for Youth

1. Santa Fe Children’s Museum

In the first-place spot this year is perhaps the closest to utopia kids in Santa Fe can get: the Children’s Museum. The combined inside/outside fun zones filled with areas to explore and hands-on experiences make up the perfect spot to take the little ones on a joint playdate or for a smart summer stop. Check out the water play exhibit to blow some of the world’s biggest bubbles or the outdoor music plaza to jam out to some new tunes. Or get a closer look at some New Mexico minerals and insects under some fancy microscopes, check out the nature nook (a mini zoo in itself) and more. While you’re there, consider making a donation to ensure the future prosperity of this nonprofit.

1050 Old Pecos Trail, (505) 989-8359

2. Girls Inc.

Motivating all girls to be “strong, smart and bold,” this local nonprofit is determined to provide young leaders in our community with the tools and skillset they need to thrive and prosper in an environment where gender stereotypes tend to run rampant.

301 Hillside Ave., (505) 982-2042

3. YouthWorks

This organization has been working miracles in Santa Fe since its inception in 2001. Helping more than 1,000 young people in need each year, YouthWorks provides the disadvantaged and “at-risk” with educational opportunities, job training and job placement services—plus more!

1504 Cerrillos Road, (505) 989-1855

Best Orthodontic Practice

1. Dentistry for Kids

Orthodontic care goes far beyond achieving that perfect smile you see in all the advertisements. Preventing problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and jaw problems stemming from a problematic bite is important to fix sooner rather than later. At Dentistry for Kids, both early and adolescent orthodontic treatments are available, so you can ensure that you child gets the healthy, radiant smile they deserve regardless of age. Invisalign treatments are also available if committing to metal braces doesn’t feel right.

1439 S St. Francis Drive, (505) 473-5437

2. Meyers Orthodontics

Dr. Daniel Meyers has a doctorate degree in dental surgery from Northwestern University and is an active member in multiple prestigious organizations across the country such as: the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Academy of Orofacial Pain.

550 St. Michael’s Drive, Ste. A (505) 983-8605

3. Darmitzel Orthodontics

A look at their website will give you all the inspiration you need to set up an appointment at Darmitzel. A before and after gallery shows impressive results and even more impressive treatment durations.

125A Siringo Road, (505) 982-6656

Best Pediatric Practice

1. Arroyo Chamiso Pediatrics

This center, part of Christus Health, houses exceptionally trained health care providers dedicated to watching your kids grow while facilitating their journey through life with adequate and all-encompassing health care services. Going to the doctor can be quite an uncomfortable experience, especially for children, but with Arroyo Chamiso, you know that examinations will be quick and efficient and getting vaccinations will be as -painless as possible.

465 St. Michael’s Drive, Ste. 200, (505) 913-4901

2. Presbyterian Pediatrics at Santa Fe Medical Center

Call about a typical back-to-school physical, concerns about a sports-related injury or for diagnostic screening checks. Have a question? It’s a good thing that the licensed professionals here are able to get you some answers.

4801 Beckner Road, Set. 2600, (505) 257-4730

3. La Familia Medical Center

La Familia is a community in itself, so it comes as no surprise to us that one in eight of all Santa Fe is a patient at this clinic. Regardless of legal status, insurance or income, this clinic has been offering quality care to the residents of our city for half a century.

1035 Alto St., (505) 982-4425; 2145 Caja Del Oro Grant Road, (505) 982-4425

Best Preschool

1. Garcia Street Club

Inspired by the philosophy-oriented work of early education philosophers and psychologists John Dewey and Erik Erikson, the educators here work to promote growth through friendships, teaching children conflict resolution and emphasizing the importance of having respect for others. All this is done through the lens of play, exploring nature and most importantly, through exposing children to all sorts of new ideas, concepts and spheres: theatre, music, speech, construction and practically everything else you can think of.

569 Garcia St., (505) 983-9512

2. Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences

A weekly curriculum is crafted to ensure diversity in activity, constant engagement and continuous fun. One week, your kid might be working with clay, paint and wire, another they might be constructing a new center in the classroom environment for their teachers and peers to enjoy.

5912 Jaguar Drive, (505) 438-8585

3. Santa Fe Waldorf School

An early education at this school will help ensure a solid foundation for your child’s successful future in all spheres—academic, personal and social. With teachers who care, this is Santa Fe’s oasis for an exceptional education.

26 Puesta Del Sol, (505) 983-9727

Best Summer Program for Youth

1. Santa Fe Children’s Museum

This camp is a field day for children with myriad interests. Offering a new theme weekly—ranging from biome to solar system to ancient earth exploring—be prepared for a disconnected rant retelling all sorts of daily adventures the whole way home from one happy camper. Although camp starts at 8:45 am and ends at 3:15 pm, educators work around your schedule and offer a flexible aftercare program for an extremely reasonable price. Not only will it make your kid happy, the summer program at the Children’s Museum won’t break the bank either.

1050 Old Pecos Trail, (505) 989-8359

2. Children’s Adventure Company

Horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing galore! We think this summer program is the closest to kid heaven you can get. Outdoor enthusiasts have all the -options here all summer long: trekking, plant studies, shelter building, fossil hunting and more.

935 Alto St., (505) 988-7201

3. Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences

Catering to kids aging from 3 to 14, this camp will keep even the littlest members of your family having fun.

5912 Jaguar Drive, (505) 438-8585

Best Youth Arts Program

1. National Dance Institute New Mexico

NDI is dedicated to opening the eyes of children across the state to the power and beauty of dance. Whether your child has been begging to try ballet or already consider themselves a certified hip-hop protégé, the NDI dance studios (with two locations, one in Albuquerque and the other in Santa Fe) are sure to have a class up their alley. Check out one of their many events to see the hype for yourself.

1140 Alto St., (505) 983-7646

2. Wise Fool New Mexico

If going back to school has got your kid feeling in the dumps, cheer them up by registering them for some out of these after-school circus classes. Dance, too!

1131 Siler Road, (505) 992-2588

3. Candyman Strings and Things

Sign the kids up for private music lessons or consider looking into their Summer Rock Camp for kids ages 8-18. With their 6th annual celebration of Kids Music Day taking place in October, Santa Fe families can look forward to free music lessons, too.

851 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 983-5906

Best Youth Fitness Program

1. National Dance Institute New Mexico

This organization even has a curriculum called HIP to be Fit since a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just consist of getting enough exercise. It’s also important to fuel our bodies with good food and make beneficial lifestyle choices, which is just what this program embraces and teaches students of all ages. Part of why NDI is so loved isn’t just because it offers countless opportunities to encourage kids’ love for the arts—it’s because of its dedication to keep all of your child happy, healthy and fit: body, mind and spirit.

1140 Alto St., (505) 983-7646

2. Wise Fool New Mexico

If fitness were a place, you might be able to find it at the Wise Fool headquarters. Keep your kids moving by encouraging them to work out those legs on a unicycle or get those lean arms with all that aerial fabric exposure they could only dream of.

1131 Siler Road, (505) 992-2588

3. Santa Fe Climbing Center

Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday party venue, a summer or after school program or even to get your kid on the youth climbing team (yes, that exists), the Santa Fe Climbing Center has all the options under the sun when it comes to providing your little ones with a sweaty, good time. There’s not much better than building skills in teamwork, movement and risk-management all while having a jolly old time, is there?

3008 Cielo Court, (505) 986-8944

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