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Best of Santa Fe 2022 - Food & Drink

Kakawa Chocolate House (Kelli Johansen)

Best Artisan Chocolate

1. Kakawa Chocolate House

At this point we should just expect the best from the folks at Kakawa. A local fave for ages now, Kakawa’s chile-infused dark chocolates are enough to send us to the edge of a good insanity, but the elixirs are a big deal here, too, including options like a spice-and herb-heavy Mesoamerican blend or the sweeter historic European blends. If you think it’s just about chocolate, don’t be fooled—Kakawa caramels are concocted from agave nectar rather than traditional cane sugar. We’re 15 years into the shop’s existence, and what a sweet 15 years it has been.

1050 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 982-0388; 1300 Rufina Circle, Ste. A4, (505) 930-5460

2. Señor Murphy’s

Piñon and chile blends thrive across Señor Murphy’s numerous locations while chile jellies and famous peanut brittle have kept our gift baskets stocked. We salute you, Señor Murphy’s.

177 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. A, (505) 780-5179; 100 E San Francisco St., (505) 982-0461; 4250 Cerrillos Road, (505) 467-8590; 30 Buffalo Thunder Trail, (505) 819-2151

3. The ChocolateSmith

From the same brilliant minds who brought us Whoo’s Donuts, get all your dipped delights here. Italian orange wheels and dark chocolate red chile pecans? A shiver just ran up our backs. We’ll be there pronto—it’s too good to pass up.

851 Cerrillos Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-2111

Best Asian Restaurant

1. Izanami

Leaping from third place last year into first this year, Izanami has traditionally been the place we go for that higher-end Asian cuisine—literally and figuratively, as it’s up in the mountains. Find sake in abundance, plus herbs grown on-site, meaning the food is as fresh as fresh can be. Ask anyone on staff and they can tell you where the restaurant sources its beef, fish and whatever else is on the menu. Try grilled miso bass or kurobuta pork belly tacos, then finish off the meal with a passion fruit tart. Staff won’t even mind if you show up in a robe.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, (505) 982-9304

2. Jinja Bar & Bistro

This local fave has options ranging from Vietnamese to Japanese and everything in between (go look at a map). Sriracha fish & chips is a can’t miss, while Hoisin-glazed barbecue ribs don’t mess around. And though the noodle section might be small, don’t knock it.

510 N Guadalupe St., (505) 982-4321

3. Chow’s Asian Bistro

Coffee chicken from Chow’s: If we could write a longer ode to your beauty, we would. Walnut shrimp? You never let us down. One of Santa Fe’s go-to take-out locations features a cozy interior to boot, plus nonstop menu highlights.

720 Saint Michael’s Drive, Ste. Q, (505) 471-7120

Best Bakery

1. The Chocolate Maven

Look, it’s possible after going through Chocolate Maven’s myriad bakery options you might find something that doesn’t work for you. What we’re saying is it takes ages to get to that point. I mean, Cape Cod cranberry orange cookies? Mocha peanut butter Oreo cake? Espresso brownie bars?! We’re getting a sugar rush just from writing this. And oh no: Honey cakes and tea loaves? OK, Maven, we get it. We surrender. We’ll keep coming back.

821 W San Mateo Road, (505) 984-1980

2. Clafoutis

Why our little desert town has so much French-ness we’ll never know, but we aren’t ones to complain. While you face a parking lot rather than the Champs-Élysées, never doubt the power of Clafoutis’ croissants to fly you back to your French memories.

333 W Cordova Road, (505) 988-1809

3. Dolina Bakery and Cafe

It’s about time we had a place that sold mincemeat pies regularly. And those dessert pies are nothing to ignore, either. Classic pumpkin and bourbon pecan pies, with more adventurous options like Dobos Torte, AKA Hungarian sponge cake.

402 N Guadalupe St., (505) 982-9394

Best BBQ

1. The Ranch House

Its brick and mortar might feel unassuming if you’re just driving by on Cerrillos Road, but plenty of people have sought out The Ranch House for that very reason. BBQ, in our modern world, can easily fall into the realm of pretentiousness—yet not so here. Owned and operated by Josh Baum and Ann Gordon, The Ranch House cultivates a true taste of the American West with Colorado-sourced beef smoked with Texas oak and rubbed with a New Mexico red chile honey glaze. A plate of green chile cornbread served beside a steaming 18-hour-smoked brisket? Heaven. We’re in heaven.

2571 Cristo’s Road, (505) 424-8900

2. Whole Hog Café

Any place that has six different BBQ sauces is a place worth loving. Whole Hog is reminiscent of the no-fuss joints you’d see in Texas or Missouri, and the brisket ranks highly while the sausage is real-deal.

320 S Guadalupe St., (505) 474-3375

3. The Cowgirl

Cowgirl has been a local hang forever; its happy hour is one of the best in town and the barbecue’s Southwestern flair carves out a unique space. In terms of its classic options, just hear the three sexiest words in the English language: Mesquite. Smoked. Ribs.

319 S Guadalupe St., (505) 982-2565

Best Breakfast

1. The Pantry

Still holding onto its regular BOSF crown, we all know The Pantry as the place you recommend to people coming from out of town. Now that there are three locations of this local favorite, you can hit it no matter where you are when hunger strikes. The Pantry features killer huevos rancheros, breakfast steaks and chicken fried steak. That stuffed French Toast? Yeah, you gotta get it. Treat yourself. Sitting at the counter in the OG, you really can feel like you’re at some classic neighborhood diner. Because you are.

1820 Cerrillos Road, (505) 986-0022 (Original); 229 Galisteo St., (505) 989-1919 (Pantry Rio); 20 White Feather, (505) 365-2859 (Pantry Dos);

2. Tia Sophia’s

Tia Sophia’s is old school Santa Fe and its breakfast burritos stand far above its peers. A simple aesthetic doesn’t mean the flavors are so, and the whole thing is a locally-owned and locally-aimed masterclass in regional cuisine.

210 W San Francisco St., (505) 983-9880

3. Clafoutis

Anne Laure and Philippe Ligier’s French spot is popular because it deserves to be. Fruit here is sweet and refreshing, the omelets are properly fluffy and the coffee invigorates.

333 W Cordova Road, (505) 988-18090

Santa Fe Bite (Kelli Johansen)

Best Burger

1. Santa Fe Bite

The St. Mike’s location still feels new, even if Santa Fe Bite has been there a good minute. We’re grateful these burgers found a new life in Midtown, especially since it’s where a lot of us normies live. Still, we’ll never take quality burgers for granted ever again, and the green chile cheeseburgers from John and Bonnie Eckre will likely stay in your memory for the rest of your days.

1616 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 428-0328

2. Shake Foundation

Where fresh burgers come with shoestring fries and eating outside on long picnic tables is considered cool, Brian Knox’s joint feels like we’re in Austin, minus the dreadful heat.

631 Cerrillos Road, (505) 988-8992

3. Second Street Brewery

You probably known more than a few folks who’ve raved about the alien burger, and who can blame ‘em? Blue corn dusted chile relleno, queso, fried onions and a brioche bun...we’re heading over there right now.

1607 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 989-3278 (Railyard); 2920 Rufina St., (505) 954-1068 (Rufina Taproom)

Best Chef

1. Chef Ahmed Obo, Jambo Café

Obo reigns for yet another year as the first place winner in this category, proving to be one of Santa Fe’s best-known culinary crafters. Originally hailing from Kenya, Obo serves Afro-Caribbean offerings that are a smash hit among locals; no one can make a jerk chicken like Obo can, nor should anyone try. He’s in a class all his own, and that’s what’s made Jambo and its Hapa food truck legendary amongst Santa Fe establishments.

2010 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-1269

2. Chef Martin Ríos, Restaurant Martín

We apologize to the good people of Guadalajara for stealing Ríos, but we’re so happy he’s made a home from where he specializes in progressive American cuisine. Do us a favor and bite into the Maple Leaf Farms duck breast or roasted New Zealand lamb rack. Then you’ll get it.

526 Galisteo St., (505) 820-0919

3. Fernando Olea, Sazón

Hail to the mole king—Olea’s offerings remind diners why Mexican food is some of the greatest on the planet, and that recent James Beard Award he won doesn’t hurt. It’s fine dining like you’re in the high end of Mexico City. You can even buy Olea’s signature mole to take home with you.

221 Shelby St., (505) 983-8604

Best Cocktails

1. Coyote Café & Rooftop Cantina

Sorry in advance if the rooftop is packed, but can you blame anyone? There are blue—blue!—margaritas for Pete’s sake. But hey, everything at this bar is refreshing, including the stellar menu of small and bigger bites. It’s a great place to cool down and buzz up during the hottest summer months. Plus, the things going down in the inside restaurant cocktail-wise make owner Quinn Stephenson’s fine dining experience feel a little finer.

132 W Water St., (505) 983-1615

2. Del Charro

From margaritas with a little extra in the shaker, to a good list of beer and plenty of spirits, this hotel bar is also a local haunt. Plus, great pub food with reasonable pricing despite being downtown.

101 W Alameda St., (505) 954-0320

3. Santa Fe Spirits

Colkegan. It’s not just whiskey, it is a lifestyle. Santa Fe Spirits is a cornerstone of the local distillery scene, and with good reason: This team is obsessed with their product—for good reason.

308 Read St., (505) 780-5906 (Downtown Tasting Room); 7505 Mallard Way, Unit I, (505) 467-8892 (Distillery and Tasting Room)

Best Coffee

1. Ohori’s Coffee Roasters

If we could write an Ode to Ohori’s that would be remembered through the generations, we would. Actually we will. The dark roast keeps us going through the darkest of times, and the South American, Indonesian and African-based roasts are the peak of flavor. The Pen Road location has kept the SFR offices functioning for ages, and the one in the Luna Center has that comfy patio space. Friendly and knowledgeable staff cap off an already blissful coffee run, and since Ohori’s doesn’t disappoint, let’s agree to not disappoint them.

505 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 103, (505) 982-9692; 1098 ½ S Saint Francis Drive (at Pen Road), (505) 982-9692

2. Iconik Coffee Roasters

Hipsters and future writers working on their novel in public, rejoice! Iconik still thrives for folks who like their coffee strong and their ambiance post-industrial. A healthy town needs a multitude of coffee shops, and Iconik is a familiar, friendly cornerstone.

1600 Lena St., (505) 428-0996 (Original); 314 S Guadalupe St., (505) 428-0996 (Lupe); 202 Galisteo St., (505) 988-4226 (Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

3. Java Joe’s

A true Southside establishment tucked away in the corner of a strip mall and in the Siler industrial area, too—and we love it that way. Java Joe’s is on this list yet again and rightly so.

2801 Rodeo Road, (505) 474-5282; 1248 Siler Road, (505) 930-5763

Best Dessert

1. Chocolate Maven

Earlier in these listings, we raved like maniacs about the Maven’s delectable sweets and baked goods. We’re about to do it again. And hey, we don’t mean to say the Belgian chocolate brownies might change your life, but there’s a good chance the Belgian chocolate brownies might change your life. Ever had a green chile apple pie? An absolutely bonkers ganache petit four? Pies? All affirmative.

821 W San Mateo Road, Ste. C, (505) 984-1980

2. Clafoutis

Didn’t we just tell you everyone is obsessed with this place? Making delectable French desserts is part of staff’s usual daily duties and the treats come in a rotating, evolving fashion.

333 W Cordova Road, (505) 988-1809

3. Dolina Bakery and Cafe

Lemon poppy seed muffins, sour cream coffee cake, strawberry scones...oh yes, Dolina provides us with plentiful baked dessert options. Full cakes, cookies and more.

402 N Guadalupe St., (505) 982-9394

Best Fermented Food or Drink

1. Rowley Farmhouse Ales

Fermentation is the decade’s in-thing to improve gut bacteria. If you love ales, like any right-minded person ought to, you’ll be at home in the brewery John Rowley built, especially if you’ve got a thing for ales stemming from a mixed-culture fermentation. Drinks here are brewed by brewers who love fruity beers and know their stuff, proving to the larger world that we can get drunk and heal our bellies at the same time. Oh, and they do the darker stuff too. Win/win.

1405 Maclovia St., (505) 428-0719

2. HoneyMoon Brewery

If there’s ever been a place in town that’s always on the up-and-up with new fans, it’s HoneyMoon Brewery, a real-deal hard kombucha brewery where the taste is just as sweet as the health benefits. Make sure to thank owners Ayla Bystrom-Williams and James Hill.

907 W Alameda St., Unit B, (505) 303-3139

3. Barrio Brinery

Pickles! Pickled pickles! If you can think up a thing you want pickled, Barrio Brinery likely has that thing.

1413 B W Alameda St., (505) 699-9812

Best Fine Dining

1. Geronimo

Pan-seared Alaskan halibut, green miso sea bass, mesquite grilled Maine lobster tails...we’d say more, but there’s a chance you’ll keel over. Geronimo tops the BOSF list yet again as the reigning champ of local fine dining. Executive chef Sllin Cruz rotates his menu seasonally, so this Canyon Road haunt easily becomes a year-round experience with changing options. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about a Geronimo obsession, though. It’s a thing.

724 Canyon Road, (505) 982-1500

2. The Compound

Chef Mark Kiffin can cook a mean schnitzel, and that organic stone ground polenta has a bit of an attitude, too. Best to eat it slowly to punish it, knowing that a butterscotch budino is on the way for dessert.

653 Canyon Road, (505) 982-4353

3. Coyote Café & Rooftop Cantina

When it comes to chef Dakota Weiss, note that braised duroc pork belly appetizer is a great way to start on the road to tellicherry peppered elk tenderloin entree. But hey, grilled quail is no bad journey, either.

132 W Water St., (505) 983-1615

Best Food Truck

1. Fusion Tacos

Birria tacos sell it for you, right? If not, perhaps the tortas will do the job. Even beyond tacos, you can get yourself a keto breakfast bowl or a protein waffle, plus classics like chimichangas, chorreadas and quesadillas. Even the breakfast burrito is a standout in the Santa Fe sea of breakfast burritos. But those birria tacos might be the real star of the show.

5984 Airport Road, (505) 501-3677; 502 Old Santa Fe Trail; 35 Fire Place Road (Santa Fe Brewing HQ); 4250 Cerrillos Road (Santa Fe Place Mall)

2. El Chile Toreado

Think about all the possible timelines we could be living in that don’t feature El Chile Toreado. Yet here we are, with our great food truck friends serving adobada burritos so good you won’t fret about the line.

807 Early St., (505) 500-0033

3. Craft Donut and Coffee Truck

This food truck sells both coffee and donuts fresh with a capital F. Find s’more and maple bacon donuts, chocolate and peanut butter donuts and funnel cake. Heck, you can build your own donut if you’re in the mood.

502 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 490-9171

Best International Cuisine

1. Jambo Café

Got that Mediterranean flavor craving? We bet Jambo’s fried cornmeal plantain crab cakes will fill the void. Oh, what’s that? Caribbean goat stew is what you’re seeking? Chef Ahmed Obo’s already got it steaming and ready for you. Fine, you can have the lamu coconut pili pili shrimp, as a treat. Don’t get overwhelmed by the many offerings, and take a few deep breaths to remember you’re in New Mexico and not off the glorious Algerian coast.

2010 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-1269

2. Paper Dosa

Owner and chef Paulraj Karuppasamy and co-owner Nellie Tischler have kept the Northern Indian flavor going strong since day one, and you’ll likely never meet a non-fan. Do not miss dessert. Just don’t.

551 W Cordova Road, (505) 930-5521

3. Izanami

Izanami flies in a ton of its seafood straight from Tokyo, which is what we call dedication. In a partnership with local farmers, the kitchen blends New Mexico home-grown flavors with authentic Japanese tastes.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, (505) 982-9304

Best Italian Restaurant

1. Piccolino

No one takes care of our carb needs quite like Piccolino. The staff are experts in chicken Alfredo and baked ziti, and this joint even offers stuffed eggplant or shrimp parmigiana. We love Piccolino so much for all the messy food comas this restaurant keeps putting us in, and clearly the rest of the city feels the same way. Pasta is essential for living the good life, and the folks at Piccolino know it all too well.

2890 Agua Fría St., (505) 471-1480

2. Andiamo!

Start with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, then hop into the penne arrabiata that’s topped with chile flakes. Go for grilled trout or crispy duck leg. Just hurry.

322 Garfield St., (505) 995-9595

3. Osteria d’Assisi

Pizza made with a 48-hour dough rising recipe and everything else from the ravioli to the fettuccine dishes are superb, so you may have to keep coming back again and again.

58 S Federal Place, (505) 986-5858

Best Local Distillery

1. Santa Fe Spirits

Twelve years since Santa Fe Spirits’ founder and owner Colin Keegan and crew kicked it off and they still help us feel classy. Known for the Colkegan whiskey, Santa Fe Spirits blends other Scotch styles into new, experimental mixes, plus they open things up to tours and tastings on the regular. Classic Manhattans with Santa Fe spirits have a taste all their own, and don’t sleep on their brandy, vodka and gin options, either.

7505 Mallard Way, (505) 467-8892; 308 Read St., (505) 780-5906

2. Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery

Tumbleroot has fast become a leader in Santa Fe’s distillery scene. Rum, gin, agave spirits, it’s all on the menu if you’re wanting the strong stuff. The farmhouse whiskey is a particular kind of good.

32 Bisbee Court, (505) 393-5135; 2791 Agua Fría St., (505) 393-5135

3. Altar Spirits

Now cozied away in its new Railyard digs, Altar’s gin and vodka products go well with their seasonally-crafted cocktails. Co-founder and master distiller Caley Shoemaker, along with co-founder and sales director Jeff Gust, are helping bring the strong stuff to town.

545 Camino de la Familia, (505) 916-8596

Best Locally Brewed Beer

1. Santa Fe Brewing Co.

It’s all in the name: The city’s favorite beer is named for the city. Just walking down the beer aisle at the grocery store tells us the Brewing Company is pretty popular around these parts, and now, with an ever-growing list of locations, we can expect the local company to become an even bigger deal. For now, though, it’s mostly ours—and their new-ish HQ space and campus are just plain gorgeous.

35 Fire Place, (505) 424-3333 (HQ); 510 Galisteo St., (505) 780-8648 (Brakeroom); 7 Caliente Road, (505) 466-6938 (Eldorado);

2. Second Street Brewery

RIP to the OG location, a loss that can never be replaced, but bless our luck that Rod Tweet and company expanded to Rufina and the Railyard when they did. These beers are all around town and beyond, and certainly never too far from our hearts.

1607 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. 10 (505) 989-3278; 2920 Rufina St., (505) 954-1068

3. Rowley Farmhouse Ales

John Rowley is a literal chemist, so the beers are scientifically brilliant, plus there’s a seasonal prickly pear pint to go along with that famous Fields of Rye Santa Fe knows and loves.

1405 Maclovia St., (505) 428-0719

Best Margaritas

1. La Choza Restaurant

You know these margs are worth the long wait. We’ve got no clue why drinks taste so different here, but there’s a certain liveliness that must affect the mix at La Choza. Maybe it’s just the atmosphere, that knowledge you’re gonna have a good time and a great meal. We’re fans of the fruity Choza Red, but if you want to give building your own marg a try you can do that, too. It’s like an art project in a glass that goes well with chile.

905 Alarid St., (505) 982-0909

2. Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen

Flip to the classics menu if you’re nervous (the Cheap Date has saved us so much deciding time), but have no fear—the list is so massive you’ll find something to love.

555 W Cordova Road, (505) 983-7929

3. Tomasita’s

A solid house marg is a great pairing to any of the fantastic dishes, and hear us out—you could do worse than a simple sopaipilla with honey butter and any margarita on this list.

500 S Guadalupe St., (505) 983-5721

Best New Restaurant

1. Horno Restaurant

Horno’s motto is “food for the people,” so we’re off to a good start. The new project from Street Food Institute and former Santacafé/Amavi chef David Sellers has soared in popularity from the get-go thanks to rave reviews from locals and the Santa Fe Foodie Facebook group, who never fail to remind us that every other Wednesday is fried chicken day. People may be asking how Horno became such a hit so fast, but we here at SFR think the answer might be simple: The food is really good, including desserts from pastry chef Sara Green. Find Asian fusion, a stellar burger and a cod sandwich worth fighting over, plus so much more.

95 W Marcy St., (505) 303-3469

2. Rustica

We’ve heard good things about the 10-inch wood-fired pizza, but our hearts are with the crispy skin branzino and the tres leches cake. The folks from The Ranch House are behind this impressive Italian eatery.

2574 Camino Entrada, (505) 780-5279

3. Mille French Cafe and Creperie

We’re in love with those savory crêpes, and the lunch menu (duck and fingerling potatoes! Salade niçoise!) makes a mid-day downtown venture a worthy endeavor.

451 W Alameda St., (505) 930-5492

La Choza Restaurant (Joy Godfrey)

Best New Mexican Restaurant

1. La Choza Restaurant

To anyone reading this who has heard frustrations about the wait times: Stick with it. Don’t be weak. Those huge crowds are there for a reason. When you do get inside, go for the blue corn tacos or the tamale plate, Christmas, of course. Get a fried egg on literally anything. Go to town on the carne adovada. And FYI, folks—you can deal with smaller crowds during lunch hours. Plus, it’s bigger than it used to be. Regardless, you’re bound to have a good meal at the Carswell family’s most impressive New Mexican joint.

905 Alarid St., (505) 982-0909

2. Tomasita’s

It’s a classic, from the flautas and stuffed sopaipillas to the enchiladas and the Randy Travis Plate. That’s right, they’ve got a plate named after a country singer.

500 S Guadalupe St., (505) 983-5721

3. The Shed

As the sister restaurant to La Choza, this one’s got a good 30 years on its sibling and has been a local fave for every moment of that time. Try the chile: Shed red is the bomb.

113½ East Palace Ave., (505) 982-9030

Best New Mexico Winery

1. Gruet Winery

Gruet Winery’s whole thing is méthode champenoise sparkling wines and winemaker Cyril Tanazacq really knows his stuff. Drawing from centuries-old monastic techniques, Tanazacq has things for the most rigid oenophiles to the less-discerning day drinkers. Don’t like bubbles? They’ve got stuff for you, too. Go for the vintage bottles if you can, but we promise you’ll have a quality sip regardless of what you choose. Stop by the Hotel St. Francis to unwind at the tasting room.

210 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 989-9463

2. Black Mesa Winery

If you want a little yoga with your wine, you’ve stumbled across the right listing. And yes, it’s true: You can get yourself a keg of wine while you’re here. For the “office,” mind you, and you can sip whilst going on one of their geology tours.

1502 Hwy. 68, Velarde, (505) 852-2820

3. Vivac Winery

Vivac is situated at nearly 6,000 feet of elevation, which might make it one of the highest wineries in the world. The wine is great here and certain nights are karaoke night. Tipsy wine karaoke.

2075 Hwy. 68, Dixon, (505) 579-4441

Harry’s Roadhouse (Shelby Wyatt)

Best Patio

1. Harry’s Roadhouse

There’s no greater feeling when the Edison bulbs go on as the sun sets and you’re feasting within Harry’s luscious backyard garden. It’s a great place for the summer evenings, especially with a glass of wine in your hand. Find lovely plants and real shade, plus a few hidden tables. Winter be damned, of course, but rest assured that you’ll dine al fresco once more, just as soon as the sun starts shining hotter again. Also, pie.

96 B Old Las Vegas Hwy., (505) 989-4629

2. La Casa Sena

The tree-shaded patio in the heart of downtown Santa Fe is, in addition to the food, why we love this place so much. A dinner out here while Club Legato plays inside the restaurant feels like a Fitzgerald-like wonderland.

125 E Palace Ave., Ste 20 (505) 988-9232

3. SantaCafé

Santacafé has turned its patio space into an oasis: string lights, large tents and space heaters in the colder months. It feels good to be there, and in your most cynical moments you’ll remember we live in a very pretty city after all.

231 Washington Ave., (505) 984-1788

Best Pizza

1. Back Road Pizza

Thin-crust lovers know where the good stuff is: Spoiler alert, it’s here. Piper Kapin, owner and operator of the joint, has created a well-known cool space in Midtown where the pizza is fab and you can even shoot a game of pool sometimes. Back Road also became a de facto grocery during the height of the pandemic and kicked off Santa Fe’s love affair with Detroit-style pizzas. Thin crust or deep dish, the point remains the same—you love ‘em, Santa Fe.

1807 Second St., Ste. 1, (505) 955-9055

2. Il Vicino

Leaning into the deep Neopolitan flavors, Il Vicino is a paradiso della pizza. There are classic options like margherita and simple pepperoni, or you can get nuts and go for the gorgonzola-goat cheese-portobello mixed Bianca.

321 W San Francisco St., (505) 986-8700

3. Upper Crust Pizza

This place has a dedicated following that’s pretty impressive. That sunny chicken pesto pizza is a delight, as is the red chile New Mexico mix.

329 Old Santa Fe Trail (505) 982-0000; 5 Colina Drive, Eldorado (505) 471-1111

Best Steak

1. The Bull Ring

The holy trio that is owner Harry Georgeades, owner/general manager Lisa Burns and executive chef Socorro Balcorta has kept Santa Fe well-fed for ages, from the everyday patrons to the lawmakers who come to town for the legislative session. Choice steaks are a religion for the staff here, and that’s before we even get into the BBQ baby back pork ribs and the blackened prime rib sandwich. Tucked away in the heart of downtown, The Bull Ring is going on 40 years for a quality night out.

150 Washington Ave., (505) 983-3328

2. Rio Chama

Start with wild boar bacon or the coconut shrimp, then dip into the pan-seared salmon and eggplant linguine. And oh, how the prime rib is the stuff of legends. Brunch, lunch, dinner or a snack, just go.

414 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 955-0765

3. Market Steer Steakhouse

For the purpose of this listing, it’s all about the steak, but you can add lobster tail or crab Oscar to those orders and enhance it all with house-made truffle butter.

210 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 992-6354

Best Tea

1. The Teahouse

With an endless list of fogs and blooming teas, plus a humongous collection of greens and many more steaming and iced options, The Teahouse is Santa Fe’s favorite tea destination. We’re talking premium Earl Greys, wellness teas and oolongs. Don’t skip the food menu, either, but when you’re looking for as many teas as possible in one place, this Canyon Road mainstay will simply not be beat.

821 Canyon Road, (505) 992-0972

2. Opuntia

A cute little garden paradise in the Rail- yard might not’ve been what you were expecting the space to become five years ago, but, man, are you satisfied with these results. Look out from the second-story patio and marvel.

1607 Alcaldesa St., (505) 780-5796

3. Artful Tea

Have you missed this retail window in your downtown strolls? Try newer blends like the Canyon Sunset Green or the Cota Navajo Tea, but find all the old standbys and new surprises.

101 W. Marcy St., (505) 795-7724

Best Vegetarian

1. Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

Now an entirely gluten-free facility, SFR’s neighbors at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen live their motto of “Live. Gather. Nourish.” with the utmost sincerity. All you alternate eaters out there, try the mushroom veggie burger or the Grateful Green paleo wrap (or both, at the same time). Even folks who cringe at the thought of such foods in their dietary system will find nothing bland here. Breakfast options are abundant, and we stan the smoothie bowl, tortilla soup and breakfast tacos.

1512 Pacheco St., Bldg. B (505) 795-7383

2. Paper Dosa

This is a vegetarian paradise and Paper Dosa has the receipts to prove it. South Indian cuisine is like a religion to the local foodie scene, and here the vegetarians are more than welcome to take part in it.

551 W Cordova Road, (505) 930-5521

3. Jambo Café

Try tofu dishes, lentil soups and even a popular hummus sandwich. Jambo offers a menu easy for vegetarians to breeze through, to the point you’ll always know what you want when you go. It’s not just salads for you lot anymore—even if the salads here are pretty dang good.

2010 Cerrillos Road, (505) 473-1269

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