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Best of Santa Fe 2022 - Personal Services

Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa (Shelby Wyatt)

Best Aesthetic Treatment

1. Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa

It’s nice to look and feel like your best self. It’s a good thing that Ageless is here to ensure that sensation is tangible to all Santa Feans. Offering a wide variety of services, from cosmetic injections to micro-needling, the friendly estheticians strive to provide “exceptional services that are curated to each guest’s desires.” Stop by to indulge in the Ageless Classic Facial, their ultimate treatment, to maintain healthy glowing skin for months to come.

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

2. Glow - House of Beauty and Pain

Although the name may seem a little intimidating, their motto is truer than ever: Anything worth doing in life takes a little pain to get there. Expect “an open, upbeat environment” while receiving a facial or microblading. Private rooms are available upon request and always provided for body massages and Brazilians.

3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 504A/B (505) 471-1008

3. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

The variety of treatments at this medical spa is particularly impressive. De-stress with their locally renowned acupuncture and massage one week. Then return for customized botanical facials and state of the art SkinPen collagen induction sessions. Get your glow on Santa Fe!

303 Paseo de Peralta, 1348 Pacheco St., Ste. 206, (505) 988-2449

Best Barber

1. Center Barber Shop

Have you ever gotten a bad haircut? Us, too. In the hands of Velma and Jude Vigil, however, you’ll walk out from your appointment feeling brand-spankin’ new and looking fresh. Boasting a first place Best of Santa Fe ranking in 2018, 2019, and 2021, it’s no doubt this barbershop is the place to go in Santa Fe when you want a little makeover. Whether you’re coming in for a trim, a faux hawk or a pompadour, the Center Barber Shop has you covered. The quality of service here hasn’t wavered going on 67 years.

503 W. Cordova Road, (505) 982-1020

2. Guys and Doll’s Salon

Hairstyles serve as modes of expression and there is no doubt you can put your faith in the hands of some crazy-talented barbers to help your personality shine through. This salon also offers classes. If you’re interested in perfecting your Dutch braiding, ponytail tying or just having some father-daughter bonding time, check out the Dads and Dolls class.

1583 Pacheco St., (505) 984-2887

3. Nick’s Barbershop

Although Nick no longer runs the shop, owner Felicia Sanchez has 18 years of experience and is a highly praised go-to for countless people around town. With affordable prices, you’re sure to get some bang for your buck at Nick’s.

1040 Don Diego Ave., (505) 414-8696

Best Facial

1. Glow - House of Beauty and Pain

Jonelle Duvall, owner of Glow, licensed esthetician and professional cosmetic tattooist, is determined to provide the best facial experience in town. It is safe to say—from Santa Fe’s unanimous and high-ranking decision—that Glow has been nothing but incredibly innovative and successful. Visit Santa Fe’s own Facial Bar, “a new-ish concept in skincare.” Glow works to remove the stigma of facials as a “privilege for the privileged.”

3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 504A/B, (505) 471-1008

2. Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa

Ageless offers more facial services than we can count on both hands. Keep it simple with classic facial or hydrafacial treatments or try something new by treating yourself to an onyx laser facial or clear complexion treatment. It seems like you can’t go wrong at Ageless, so worry less about which treatment to choose and, instead, indulge yourself with a visit sure to be a one of a kind experience.

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

3. Santa Fe Lash and Beauty Bar

Ensuring a spot on the Best of Santa Fe podium once again seemed like a breeze for Lash and Beauty Bar. Take a friend or even a teen along with you and explore the endless array of skin treatments that are sure to make up anyone’s idea of heaven. Brow and nail services are offered as well.

1012 Marquez Pl., Unit 101, (505) 988-8923

Best Hair Salon

1. Rock Paper Scissor

Voted Best of Santa Fe for over a decade, it’s undeniable there is something special about this salon. Kind and compassionate staff combined with the innovative leadership of talented beautician Melodi Wyss creates an unforgettable experience. To elevate your time at the salon even more, check out the Blo Dry Bar and The Buzz, both located inside the shop. The Bar specializes in giving customers a perfect wash and blow dry, while The Buzz concentrates on providing shorter haircuts for men and women.

187 Paseo De Peralta B, (505) 955-8500

2. Guys and Doll’s Salon

Ladies, don’t panic—Guys and Dolls doesn’t limit itself to barbering exclusively. Need a fancy updo for an upcoming event? A simple trim to get rid of all those split-ends? Hairdresser Alejandra Tovar is just one of the many stylists who specialize in giving customers the highlights and balayage they’ve been craving all summer.

1587 Pacheco St., (505) 984-2887

3. The Color Bar

Run by owner Nikki Martinez and three other incredibly experienced women with impeccable listening skills, The Color Bar will get you the hair you’ve been dreaming about. Next time you’re feeling drained and in need of a getaway from reality, book a hair, nail or facial appointment here.

1005 S St. Francis Drive, Ste. 115, (505) 310-4903

Best Massage

1. Ten Thousand Waves

Inspired by the great Japanese hot spring resorts, Ten Thousand Waves is the first place that comes to mind when a Santa Fean thinks of serenity. This mountain oasis is sure to ease out all your kinks. If you feel adventurous, check unique services offered like the Cannabliss and Deep Stone Massages. All massages include soaks in the Grand Bath, now exclusively available to massage and lodging guests.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, (505) 982-9304

2. Ojo Santa Fe

Visiting Ojo Santa Fe feels like taking a trip somewhere exotic and far away. In reality, it’s much less exhausting at a mere 10-ish minutes outside of town. Offering therapeutic and deep tissue massages, the experienced, inherently talented and well-trained masseuses will turn all your worries into dust.

242 Los Pinos Road, (877) 977-8212

3. High Desert Healthcare and Massage

Trained in Swedish Massage to promote relaxation of the entire body, the massage therapists here are not only talented but flexible and patient. If you have a particular request or preference they will cater to your needs.

644 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 984-8830

5 Caliente Road, (505) 984-8830

Best Nail Salon

1. Serenity Nail Spa

Those of us who are shy have to deal with the struggle of not being able to tell a nail tech or hairstylist that we don’t like our new nails or haircut. We walk out of our appointments disappointed and dejected at our missed opportunity of correction. At Serenity Nail Spa, however, this won’t be a problem. The talented nail technicians work diligently and tirelessly. They specialize in acrylic, gel, dip or regular manicures along with pedicures that will make sure your hands and feet look and feel heavenly.

4056 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-2106

2. The Color Bar

Leave it up to the talented four-person crew to make your most desirable nail wishes come true. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to acrylic nails, the hard gel full set at The Color Bar was made for you.

1005 S St. Francis Drive, Ste. 115 (505) 310-4903

3. Santa Fe Lash and Beauty Bar

Tired of your polish chipping two days after painting your nails? Yeah, us too. At the Lash and Beauty Bar, the trained and talented estheticians specialize in BioSculpture Gel manicures and pedicures, which ensure zero chipping for two weeks. Nail technician Jessica Villareal specializes in custom, unique and trendy nail art.

1012 Marquez Place, Unit 101, (505) 988-8923

Best Spa

1. Ten Thousand Waves

I mean, what were we expecting? There really is no beating Ten Thousand Waves. With spa treatments ranging from private hot tubs, to a plethora of unique massages, to facials of the utmost quality, this establishment is truly one in a million (or ten thousand). The experience alone is incredibly immersive, with the crisp mountain air and the almost foreign ambiance transporting you somewhere far away from the monotonous qualities of everyday life. Self-care day is every day.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, (505) 982-9304

2. Ojo Santa Fe

The volume of spa treatments is almost overwhelming, but there is really no going wrong at Ojo Santa Fe. Check out their massage and spa service enhancements, “offered solely as an add-on to complement a spa treatment.” Your future spa experiences won’t live up to Ojo’s blue corn and prickly pear salt scrub, their rejuvenating hot oil hair therapy or sound healing.

242 Los Pinos Road, (877) 977-8212

3. Ageless Aesthetics MediSpa

Sometimes, you just feel dull. It’s good news, then, that the chemical skin peels and facial treatments exist at Ageless. Their Vitalizing Peel ensures smoothing of textured complexion and reducing of those stinkin’ pores, resulting in a smoother, healthier (and re-vitalized) complexion.

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

Dungeon Tattoo and Piercing (Kelli Johansen)

Best Tattoo Shop

1. Dungeon Tattoo and Piercing

You heard it here first, folks. Dungeon Tattoo and Piercing has had a place on the Best of Santa Fe podium for five years in a row, with 2022 marking their fourth consecutive first-place ranking! Patient, expertly trained and concentrated staff work to make your most far-fetched ink dreams come true. No matter what you’re looking to get tatted, whether it be an elegant quote, a meaningful memento or a classic skull and crossbones. First-time visitors and longtime patrons alike spew compliments left and right.

1632 Cerrillos Road, (505) 983-8262

2. Four Star Tattoo

Mark Vigil and his talented crew of artists focus on creating “beautiful, solid, clean custom tattooing whether the tattoo is small or large,” at the oldest custom shop in town. The amount of expert artists alone guarantees diversity in style, so you can find someone who knows exactly how to cater to your inking needs.

825 Topeka St., (505) 984-9131

3. Dawn’s Custom Tattoo

Going to Dawn Purnell’s spot might be the most comfortable tattoo experience you’ve ever had. “Littered with relics, literature, imagery, music and character,” you might as well be getting inked in your living room. Her passion shines through her work and even after 20 years, her creative flame is still burning strong.

1100 Hickox St., (505) 986-0002

Best Waxing

1. Waxing the City

Just the idea of going to a waxing appointment can be anxiety-inducing, especially for first-timers. It’s a good thing Waxing the City creates the most comforting experience possible with friendly staff who know what they’re doing and how to adapt to their clients’ waxing needs all day, every day. (You heard that right: They’re open seven days a week.) Summer is here, so get that bikini wax or underarm fixer-upper to prep for your next pool party.

4386 Rodeo Road, (505) 474-2994

2. Glow - House of Beauty and Pain

At Glow, they work hard to make your waxing experience as easy as possible. After getting your brows shaped here, you’ll never want to pull out those pesky tweezers again. We’ll just let the website speaks for itself: “Will your service be a little spicy? Perhaps. Will it be worth it? Abso-freaking-lutely!”

3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 504A/B, (505) 471-1008

3. Mist Skin Care

With services for men, women and teens, Mist Skin Care is a crowd pleaser. Their Wow Brow treatment includes brow shaping and a firming pre-peel, plus an application of a booster serum, a NuFace micro-current lift and a firming eye cream finish customized to fit your skin type. Your eyebrows will thank you.

839 Paseo De Peralta, (505) 986-1356

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