Did you hear about Carl's Jr. introducing a CBD-infused burger for 4/20 in Colorado? You didn't? Well, from what we hear, the fast food chain charged $4.20 for the burger and that if things go well, they might expand the burger to other states. Seems smart to us, and CJ's (or, like, C'sJ's?) the first place to come up with the idea … well, at least on a large scale like this.

CBD, of course, is NOT cannabis, and if you're wondering about what it is and how it works, we have some really good info right here. As for the recreational legalization of full-on cannabis, New Mexico is not on that list (you can learn a little more here)—which turns out to be a good thing since, during the legislative session this year, there was talk of all the dispensaries being government-run, no growing element to the bill and, the biggest slap in the face of all, people would've had to carry their receipts around to prove they hadn't gotten their weed in a shady way. And so it was that the dealers of our fine state breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Anyway, the reason we bring up these two things are because we firmly believe that cannabis should be legal, and we firmly love the idea of big-name biz getting in the game. Now, it's not because we don't believe in the little guy, and we can only imagine what sort of delights local restaurants could cook up, but we do believe in the power of normalization.

Of course, we all must also remember that as long as people are serving prison terms for cannabis while white ladies who love yoga get to open dispensaries … well, let's just say the fight isn't won, nor is it very cool. But, if you have your card and you're looking for ways to eat your weed instead of smoking it, here are a few local options:

Sacred Garden
At $11 a pop, the cannabis-carrying peanut butter cups (just scroll down here, you'll see 'em) look so good we might even go back to the ingesting weed game.

Fruit of the Earth Organics
Like all dispensaries everywhere, Fruit of the Earth Organics has plenty of neat edibles for card-holders. In case you don't have a card (yet), they're the same people behind Edible Alchemy, a healthy-eatin' eatery on Early Street that we wrote about last year when it opened. Hooray for everyone!

Kure Cannabis
Ain't nobody got time for spelling things right when they're working with local bakers to make some of the most enticing edible goodies in town. Kure really knows what's up is our point, and they've got a handy get-to-know-us guide riiiiiiight here.

And those are just the three we've chosen to highlight at the moment. If you're looking for other dispensaries, we put together a handy little piece in last year's Summer Guide. Click here for that. Good luck to everyone else either hoping for a card or legalization. Oh, and PS—if you somehow tried that Carl's Junior cannabis burger, will you let us know what you thought? Thanks!

If your'e still curious about CBD versus cannabis (and are more of a visual person), perhaps this vid will help.

We love you all. Sorry we got mad about the holiday week thing last time. Smooches!

-Consider this your final reminder for Kitchen Angels' Angels Dine Out event, which runs today and tonight. Just by eating places (here's a list), you can help people in need. And our copy editor will be stationed at Second Street's Rufina Taproom at dinnertime, so, like, go say hi.

-We're hoping Ten Thousand Waves learned their lesson about making light of trans issues, and that they'll seek education (we'll happily introduce you to some people, 10K Waves), but we'll also highlight the upcoming Nikkei pop-up dinner at their restaurant, Izanami. On Wednesday May 1, the restaurant welcomes Peruvian-born/Santa Fe local chef Lucho Mazulis, who joins forces with perma-chef Kiko Rodriguez for a fusion of Japanese and South American cuisines. There are two options: a three-course for $69 and a five-course for $119. Note that tax and tip aren't included, there isn't a vegetarian option (boo!) and that you'll need to make reservations at

-Our friends (whom we've never actually met, but we like their style) at Edible New Mexico traversed the entire state in search of great coffee shops, of which they've found eight they fully full-on love. Santa Fe's winner? Float Café and Bar at Meow Wolf.

-Speaking of Meow Wolf, did you catch the lineup for the second Taos Vortex music fest? It's a looooooong list, and not really food-related, but George emmer-effing Clinton is playing. Know that. There will probably be food there, too.

More Tidbits
-In "who thought this was a good idea?" news, Oreo has unleashed a special Game of Thrones-branded run of their popular sammie cookies. WHY?! Because nothing says "Have an Oreo" like murder, incest, zombies and more murder? We know we're a little late to this piece of information, but we needed a segue to reminding you that we'll be spoiling every episode this season in great detail like so.

-Earlier this month, CNN wanted to let everyone know that people's insistence on eating poorly, which The Fork does no question, is not good for us. Stop the presses, right? Anyway, a bad diet is apparently worse than smoking, so you know what that means … you can smoke more than ever so long as you eat broccoli now and again. Thanks, Obama!

-Apropos of nothing, we mis-Googled something and wound up at this Wikipedia listing about Puerto Rican cuisine, and we're DOWN. We understand Wikipedia is not an airtight source by any means, we're just saying, we're DOWN. Anyway, that led us to this BuzzFeed piece from last year about Puerto Rican foods you simply must try. You're welcome.

-Guess what? The reputable journal of opinion known as Resources, Conservation and Recycling conducted a lengthy study that found—get this—meal services like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron or whatever else lead to a smaller carbon footprint than going to the store and grocery shopping your damn self. NPR has a deeper story about it and you can find the journal itself here. Please at least try to read up on it before you yell at The Fork about how we're wrong. We're really just relating information here.

-Hey, keto fans, reverse-engineered the Wendy's Frosty, and apparently you can feel really good about making and consuming it.

-Are you sitting down? Good, because when we tell you this next thing, you're probably going to get so excited that if you were standing, you might literally explode out of your shoes. OK, so there's a gummy candy company called Sugarfina, and they make gummy candy with alcohol and coffee. What?! Can you even believe it?! These bastards are probably delicious but, as always, don't go eating a bazillion of them, because who even knows the medical impact of such a glorious treat just yet.

-Ever have a Sumo orange? We haven't as far as we can recall, but we hear they're pretty incredible. Would you like a mini-lesson? OK, here goes: They were developed in the 1970s in Japan to merge the flavors of the Japanese Mandarin orange and the California-style orange. People love 'em. Want more info? Go here.

And here's a segment on how orange juice is made from the best show of all time, How It's Made.

In the print edition of SFR, food knower-about-er Zibby Wilder slaps together a list of local patios that Santa Feans can sit upon without (usually) worrying about annoying tourist traffic.
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