SFR Contests


We're seeking community submissions of short stories and essays for our annual contest. A grand prize winner in each category gets $100 cash, and other other published pieces earn food and drink at local businesses.

FICTION THEME: Darkest Timeline

Something has shifted, dilating the time-space continuum. We don't know when, we're not sure how, but this is the darkest timeline. Give us your best fiction on time travel, nonlinear loopholes, sci-fi, complexity, absurdity and the apocalypse—or whatever that theme means to you. Each entry must contain the words machinery, orbit, cheese.

NONFICTION THEME: A Climate of Change

How have the places and patterns of your life shifted before your eyes? Beneath your feet? Personal essays should explore topics related to internal, external and planetary changes.

  • Entries must be made online beginning Oct. 4 and before 11:59 pm on Nov. 8. A $10 fee per entry applies.
  • Entries should not exceed 1,800 words, must be submitted digitally and previously unpublished. Paid contributors to SFR in the last year are not eligible.
  • Writers must submit their name, physical address, email address, phone number and the submission title in the online form. No cover letter, and no author name on the submission itself.