Sacred Garden

The winner of SFR's Best of Santa Fe 2017 for best cannabis dispensary last year is known to host special events for its customers, including medicated, multi-course meals prepared by head chef Miracle Mary. Owner Zeke Shortes believes patients shouldn't have to pay a gross receipts tax on cannabis they purchase, arguing it's more akin to prescription medicine, and is suing the state. It's a long shot legal argument and we're not sure how we feel about people not paying taxes on weed—that's a big selling point for its legalization—but nobody can doubt that Sacred Garden advocates for its patients.

1300 Luisa St.,

New MexiCann Natural Medicine

This dispensary had the most generous sale specials on 4/20, and the staff is always friendly and helpful as you flip through their catalog of the week's offerings. The dispensary has doctors and pain specialists that frequent the facility to help people obtain cards and consult with budtenders. If you don't have a medical card but want to know how you can get one (assuming you have one of the 21 qualifying conditions), you can pop into the dispensary and ask the staff. There are also member discounts if your income falls below a certain threshold.

1592 San Mateo Lane,

Shift New Mexico

Shift was the first dispensary to be located on the Southside, serving a population often neglected by the industry in Santa Fe.  The dispensary has grow and cultivation rooms on site, where it produces the bud it sells at the front and to other dispensaries around the state, including New Mexicann. The interior is polished and leans on the corporate side, but the building painted with a massive "Shift" logo appears like a light on the hill as you drive through an industrial-ish part of Bisbee Court.

24 Bisbee Court,

Ultra Health

Ultra Health's Santa Fe dispensary feels more like a doctor's office than do the other cannabis storefronts in the city. Ultra came to Santa Fe by way of a business arrangement with another licensed nonprofit producer, allowing the Arizona-based company to become the largest and most profitable dispensary operator in New Mexico. The company releases stats on the state's industry regularly, and keeps its finger on the pulse of what's new. Look for the inconspicuous "Ultra" sign on St. Michael's Drive.

1907 St. Michael's Drive,

Fruit of the Earth Organics

This dispensary claims to be the only one in town that gets all its cannabis from an outdoor grow. Owner Lyra Barren believes cannabis contains "shamanic properties," and in an effort to broaden the plant's appeal to people who aren't cardholders, the dispensary has a secondary building for the general public to peruse and purchase CBD-infused, non-psychoactive tinctures, desserts, juices and even caffeine drinks at an "elixir bar." Fruit of the Earth also regularly throws parties for cardholders and others in Paradiso, a large event space behind the dispensary.

901 Early St.,

CG: Cannabis. Good.

This dispensary recently changed its name from CG Corrigan, which is a good thing, because CG Corrigan sounds like a lad recently shipped off to boarding school, or perhaps the sweater worn by said lad. It's one of Santa Fe's newest dispensaries, opened in February. With locations in Albuquerque and Placitas, it's one of the state's larger outfits, and uses the profits from its initial businesses to expand across the state.

802 Early St.,

Minerva Canna

Located in the building that once held local favorite Thai Vegan (and, before that, Dara Thai—RIP), Minerva has quickly become a different kind of Santa Fe staple since it opened in December, with lines regularly forming outside its doors and a CBD bar on offer as well. Owner Erik Briones sees big things for the store's Santa Fe location, including a masseuse specializing in cannabis oils and a machine to manufacture "thousands" of cannabis gummy candies an hour. Kinda like Hershey Park, but with weed.

1710 Cerrillos Road,

Kure Cannabis

The lobby for this downtown dispensary is bright and welcoming. Owners Minka Ingersoll and Fredrick Lucas opened the business together after their life paths crossed in Santa Fe, and they're planning to do big things for the community. One idea they have is to invest the dispensaries' residual funds into a farm project that would sell produce to local schools; they also hosted a CBD festival on April 20 this year and have a CBD-only area of the store. Their approach feels more rooted than some of the other dispensaries in town, and that's a good thing.

220 N Guadalupe St.,

Best Daze

Lynn Goodman and son Eli have severed their ties to New Mexicann—which Lynn opened several years ago—and in February opened the doors of Best Daze, one of Santa Fe's newest dispensaries and one of the few located on the Southside. In addition to the standard flower, edible and topical fair, Eli also claims that Best Daze is the only store in the state to offer "nannobis," which is, he explains, "micropartical cannabis [that yields] higher potency, faster onset, and longer-lasting effect." Lucky for Southsiders.

4641 Airport Road,