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SFR tests the knowledge of city basics of the candidates for Santa Fe's 2021 mayoral election: Alan Webber, JoAnne Vigil Coppler, Alexis Martinez Johnson.

We’ve quizzed the candidates to help you decide which to choose. It’s a test of what they know about the office they are seeking.

SFR tested the candidates’ knowledge of the seat they’re running for and the constituents they hope to represent with a pop quiz.

In our time-honored election tradition, we quizzed the candidate in a test of what they know about the office they are seeking.

SFR quizzed the candidates on how aspects of the justice system work as well as current events.

SFR rounded up the candidates running for state House District 45 to uphold our tradition of quizzing them about their knowledge about New Mexico and the seat they hope to fill now that longtime officeholder Rep. Jim Trujillo is retiring.

SFR quizzed the candidates each candidate knows about the county and how COVID-19 impacted its daily functioning.

Jamie Cassutt-Sanchez, Gregory Scargall, Xavier Anderson

SFR’s time-honored tradition of pop-quizzing candidates for public office is our way of testing their knowledge about the community they seek to represent.

Candidates for the City Council seat in District 4 sharpen their pencils