Pop Quiz: District 3

SFR quizzes candidates ahead of the Nov. 7 local election

Every election season SFR reprises a favorite tradition: pop quizzing candidates about information regarding the community they hope to represent. For the next several weeks, each issue features a different race. Last week was District 4; this week, it’s District 3, which comprises most of the Southside, including the neighborhoods west of Cerrillos Road and Lopez Lane, and south of Agua Fria Street as well as Tierra Contenta.

Incumbent Councilor Chris Rivera is not seeking another term, leaving the seat open for one of two candidates: Louis Carlos or Pilar Faulkner. Per ground rules, the candidates agreed to not use any sources besides their own knowledge to answer the questions asked. SFR records the conversations and reports the answers verbatim. Early voting in the Nov. 7 election begins Oct. 10.


  1. What is the largest revenue generator for the City of Santa Fe?
  2. In comparison to Q2 last year, by what percentage have the number of home sales increased or decreased in the city?
  3. How many calls for service have city police received in a typical month this year?
  4. What percentage of Santa Fe residents report speaking Spanish at home?
  5. Name some of the projects planned or recently completed as part of the expansion at the Santa Fe Regional Airport.


  1. Gross receipt taxes provided more than $146 million to city coffers in FY21/22, the largest single revenue item. The accommodations and food services category made up 15% of total taxable receipts, according to a FY23 second quarter report from the Finance Department.
  2. The Santa Fe Association of Realtors reports home sales have decreased by 16.5% since last year.
  3. The police receive an average of 6,549 calls per month based on police data from January to August.
  4. According to US Census American Community Survey data, around 31.7% of residents over the age of 5 report speaking Spanish at home in Santa Fe.
  5. The city broke ground on Phase 1 of construction at the airport about a year and a half ago. The planned $21.5-million expansion includes additional parking, installation of solar panels, five new gates, a baggage claim area and a bar and restaurant.

Louis Carlos

SCORE: 1/5

Louis Carlos retired from the Santa Fe Police Department in 2015 and is now a private investigator developing a true crime show. Carlos ran unsuccessfully for Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education in 2013 and previously served on the Santa Fe DWI Planning Council.

  1. Tourism.
  2. I have no idea.
  3. In a typical month this year, I’d say around 2,500 calls.
  4. Oh, 80% percent.
  5. The Welcome Center where you walk in. [SFR then asked “Was there anything else?”] No.

Italic Text: Incorrect

Pilar Faulkner

Score: 2/5

Pilar Faulkner first began lobbying on issues in her Tierra Contenta neighborhood and launched a consulting career in 2002 with her bizAcumen Advisory Group firm, specializing in government liaison services. She has served on the city Planning Commission since 2017 and is a former member of the Transit Advisory Board.

  1. Tourism..well, gross receipts tax through tax on tourism.
  2. I don’t know, I think they’ve increased probably 10% maybe. Maybe more.
  3. Oh my God, I don’t know. Probably hundreds. [SFR asked if Faulkner wants to give an estimate in the amount of hundreds.] I would say it has to be hundreds, probably over 500, and that’s including calls to deal with small stuff too. I’m not talking about murders or something.
  4. I don’t know, 50% maybe? Maybe more. 60% maybe? In my district, it’s like 75%.
  5. Oh, I don’t know. They completed a terminal, or they’re working on a terminal I’m pretty sure.

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