As we made our way through one of the worst years ever, a thought kept occurring: What do we owe each other? It’s a basic question for any philosophy student (or fan of The Good Place), but it’s also a powerful mantra by which to live. Surely, there are many answers, but when you get right down to it, understanding seems as good as it gets sometimes. When it comes to queer communities, however, the concept of what we owe each other feels a bit more challenging, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic brought us closer in some respects, but pushed us farther apart in others. In this year’s Pride Issue, we’re looking at what it takes to parent in a post-gender world, how unofficially queer spaces and the people who build them move and affect us, how trans sex workers can educate and activate within evolving spaces, what’s up with media representation of queerness and the mechanics of identity. Ideally, you’ll come away feeling a bit more understanding.