A former employee of Meow Wolf in Santa Fe announced in a personal Facebook post today that a discrimination suit filed by Gina Maciuszek and fellow former employee Tara Khozein last July is "done."

This follows a settlement reached in Denver last month in a similar suit filed by current employees of Meow Wolf's upcoming installation in that city.

In a screenshot of that post obtained by SFR, Maciuszek, who goes by Gina Clover on Facebook, lists numerous changes reportedly coming to Meow Wolf in the wake of the suit, including a reported hotline for employees to call to make complaints, an overhaul of the parental leave policy and anti-discrimination training for employees in management positions. There is no word on whether there were any monetary damages paid out by the Santa Fe company.

Here's that screenshot:

Maciuszek thanks Khozein in the post, as well as Zoë and Mar Williams (no relation), the Denver employees who settled last month. Court records reviewed by SFR show that the case has been settled and dismissed. An attorney for Maciuszek and Khozein declined to comment beyond telling SFR that the suit was resolved in a satisfactory manner for all parties.

A spokesperson for Meow Wolf declined to comment.