A fun little music video came our way over the weekend courtesy of rapper and Outstanding Citizens Collective co-founder OG Willikers (aka Zach Maloof) and DJ Cap.

See, Maloof travels a whole lot, which I've enviously observed via social media for years, but it also turns out these were business outings. He was making a video the whole time for his song, "Ordinary Guy." The locations include Canada and Morocco and the song boils down to something about how he's a pretty regular dude who gets to do cool stuff (presumably because he works hard and just does the stuff), but we also really love how he:

A) Spits some realistic lines about how he doesn't think he's the greatest in the rap game, which is a refreshing hip-hop tactic.

B) Literally says: "Man, you can keep your battle bars/I'll be in the corner with my Fiddle-Faddle and my Mallomars." We didn't know those things still existed, but they totally do and, like Maloof, we'd rather munch Fiddle Faddle than fight people via rap.

Anyway, the point is that in this guy's world, "OG" stands for "ordinary guy," and we're OK with that. Take a look/listen in the above video and keep an eye out for Willikers and Outstanding Citizens around town.