Best Art Frame Shop

This is an art town full of galleries, independent creators, DIY spaces and more. But just how do you think those artists and workers get the exhibits and such ready? With frame shops, for one. Enter Frontier Frames, that bastion on St. Michael's Drive which is so effective in framing for folks that it has won this very honor 19 years running now.

2008 St. Michael's Drive, 473-1901

Originally dedicated to archival frames, Fine Art Framers Inc. has expanded its focus year after year, renovated as of 2015 and remains one of the most popular shops for artists and collectors alike.

1415 W Alameda St., 982-4397

A massive list of artists, galleries and private citizens have turned to Justin's Frame Designs. Bottom line? If it's good enough for Judy Chicago, it's good enough for us.

1221 Flagman Way, Ste. A2, 955-1911

Best Auto Detailing/Car Wash

Santa Fe's been known to get dusty, and with some of the self-washes in town going by the wayside, those in search of a locally owned alternative often visit Squeaky Clean. Owner Jay Ritter is vice prez of the Santa Fe Horse Shelter, so you know there's a nice-guy pedigree, plus the number of services on offer are many and more cash-friendly than you might think.

1900 Cerrillos Road, 983-4201; 3931 Cerrillos Road, 473-4320

Wash that car, get it detailed, have every inch cleaned, get an oil change—do it all in one place? Not bad.

3651 Cerrillos Road, 471-2323

The name says it all, really: Your car will shine, it'll be speedy, you'll get back on the road.

3006 Cerrillos Road, 780-5028

Best Body Shop

You'll find no shortage of body shops in and around Santa Fe. We love cars here, it's in our blood. And SFR's readers told us overwhelmingly this is the place to go for professional and timely body work done right. They've even got a free shuttle to help you not spend a day waiting around.

4587 Cerrillos Road, 438-8878

If it's body work you need, a place that's certified definitely fits the bill. You love Don Juan's, Santa Fe, you really do.

2855 Rufina St., 471-2121

Highway to the body work zone! In all seriousness, this biz is obviously the tops—it's right there in the name!

31 Paseo de River, 471-0212

Best Car Repair

Finding a mechanic you can trust is never easy, but Mike's Garage is clearly that place. With more than 31 years in the business, it's also locally owned, completely independent and, since this is Santa Fe, experts in the art of the Subaru. When you need to make sure you're getting to Whole Foods in style, there is no other choice.

1501 Fifth St., 983-6577

Talk about local institution. Toy Auto Man is just one of those places everyone knows and patronizes for their Toyota care.

4774 Airport Road, 983-9463

A wide base of knowledge, plus collections for the Food Depot that come with free inspections, the term "angel" is definitely applicable here.

140 Cerrillos Road, 424-3899

Estela’s Cleaning Service
Estela’s Cleaning Service | Kelli Johansen

Best Cleaning Service

When you want to spiff up the house beyond your own domestic inclinations, don't be shy to ask for help. But how to choose? Guess it's a go-with-the-best plan, and Estela's Cleaning Service is, we hear, the best of the best. The company counts Sotheby's and Santa Fe Properties among its clients and offers a wide range of services, some of which you didn't even know you needed but all of which you'll be glad you have covered.

4817 Golden Ray Circle, 490-3253

You like living on the planet, don't you? Martinizing does, too, and that's why the company uses eco-friendly chemicals while cleaning your stuff. Nice, right?

913 Old Pecos Trail, 982-9259; 400 N Guadalupe St., 988-2455; 2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. A7, 473-4396

The local iteration of the nationally recognized brand serves Santa Fe and Los Alamos five days a week. On the weekends, we rest.

3220 Richards Lane, Ste. B, 240-6653

4Leet | Anson Stevens-Bollen

Best Computer and IT Services

1. 4Leet

When you visit 4Leet's website, flying letters announce that you can "end your IT nightmare." That sounds pretty good to us, and it apparently sounds pretty good to you. Look, tech is only ever going to grow, and we're all going to wind up stumped from time to time—professionals like this make the world go 'round. More specifically, they make Santa Fe go 'round with support, repairs, security and more.

1711 Llano St. Ste. E, 428-6351

Tech support, managed IT, copiers, phones, service, rentals, fixes, smiles, locals, media, happy, sorted; work/life/home life balance.

2907 Agua Fría St., 820-6007

Busted up your phone or computer? Need a fix or even a new one? This is the place to go.

851 St Michael's Drive, 954-9955

Best Electronics Repair

As we mentioned above, if you're ever in a scrape and need your Mac or PC fixed, or if you're looking to buy, upgrade or otherwise get more techy, this is the place to go. You can go to them, they'll come to you, and they're even repairing iPhones now for when you drop that pocket computer. Dotfoil has won this award before, and probably will again.

851 St Michael's Drive, 954-9955

Since 2012, Eric Montgomery and company have been there for all your tech and IT needs. A mainstay in the Best of Santa Fe each year, they clearly know what to do.

518 Old Santa Fe Trail, Ste. 6, 216-1108

Perhaps you don't need all the bells and whistles associated with computer or phone repair. Synergy Tech is your go-to.

1808 Second St., 473-3414

Best Financial Institution

This is no mere bank, friends—this is a credit union, a gathering of like-minded members who believe in the betterment of the community and a pooled-resources approach to financial health. The union's been around since 1954, so the roots go deep and strong, and Del Norte fully believes in financial literacy for all, unlike the big banks who just wish you'd die already.

510 N Guadalupe St., Ste. A, 988-3628; 
604 W San Mateo Road, 988-3628; 
3286 Cerrillos Road, 455-5228

Enterprise Bank & Trust's new LANB branches still hold loyal customers and, if anything, can do more to help everyone out

301 Griffin St., 662-5171; 
2009 Galisteo St., 662-5171; 
3674 Cerrillos Road, 662-5171

You know the credit union deal, but did you know they also have more fee-free ATMs than pretty much anyone else?

813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., 983-7328

Best General Contractor

As sad as we were to learn this company isn't staffed by wolves in little hard hats, we still like the part about how Wolf Corp. has been a Santa Fe mainstay since 1976. The firm worked with Verve Gallery, the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and other homes and businesses with contemporary practices and style. Get your next remodel done right.

1216 Parkway Drive, 983-5511

Noticed the SITE Santa Fe redesign in the Railyard or the Descartes Labs building on Water Street? It's Sarcon, baby!

2044 Galisteo St., Ste. 1, 474-4700

For gorgeous kitchen and bathroom renovations to home interiors living their best lives, there is no other choice.

903 W Alameda, 660-5199

Best Handyperson

1. Jude Ortiz

Similar to the mechanic game, finding a handyperson one can trust is anything but simple. Are they licensed? Do they really know their business or do they just have a box of tools? In Santa Fe's case, Jude Ortiz has won your trust with knowledge, skill and reliability.


2. Abel Knouse

Younger than you'd expect, but it just means more energy for your various house projects. We hear Knouse can paint your house in a snap, too.


The slogan goes "Your vision, our expertise," and we think that captures it nicely. Home Pro is affordable, too, and fully committed to being handy.


Best Insurance Agency

You certainly like State Farm, Santa Fe, and Seawright is your favorite among them. Seawright's office is more than prepared to help its claimants in any and all forms, going so far as to work with them to reduce rates and make sure they feel taken care of with a personal touch. The insurance industry is hard enough on its own, so thank goodness for folks like this.

1441 Paseo de Peralta, 982-5433

Armijo rocks it like the other State Farm reps on this list, and you'll find his office in the Solana Center.

Solana Center, 901 W Alameda St., 982-4412

3. Bryan Doerner – State Farm Insurance

Doerner's who you call when you've wrecked, been wrecked or otherwise need a helping hand from your insurance rep. We hear he's like a good neighbor.

1341 Pacheco St., 930-5210

Best Landscaping Company

New Mexico isn't like some of those other states where putting something in the ground means it'll probably grow. We're gorgeous, sure, but our landscapers need to develop a certain set of skills to work with the arid nature and erosive quality of the land. Cassidy's Landscape has 30 years doing just that, including ground work, irrigation and much more.

3901 Agua Fria St., 474-4500

Fencing, landscaping, hardscaping—all the way down to potting flowers and erecting fences, Desert Rose provides a bloom in our rough-and-tumble lands.

1336 Acequia Borrada, 471-6403

San Isidro Permaculture uses the natural designs and systems of the land for unique features that are undoubtedly as Santa Fe as it gets.

29 Hidden Valley Road, 983-3841

Best Law Firm

These lawyers specialize in estate planning, tax law, litigation, real estate, employment law, business law and corporate law. That's, like, pretty much all the things covered right there. When Santa Fe needs a lawyer, this is the firm at the top of their list.

200 W Marcy St., 982-4676

They've sued the police and taken on sex offenders, plus battled it out for medical marijuana, and Brian Egolf is a New Mexico political mainstay. Not too shabby.

123 W San Francisco St., Ste. 200, 986-9641

Over 20 attorneys provide legal services from administrative law to zoning and in all the necessary areas in between.

1701 Old Pecos Trail, 988-4476

Best Lender

Whether it's a couple bucks at the holidays to get the perfect gift, working out a reliable means of transportation or figuring out your first home, Del Norte Credit Union has a bevy of financial services at reasonable rates. We all need a little help sometimes; isn't it better to find some without perpetuating the big-banking system?

510 N Guadalupe St., Ste. A, 988-3628; 604 W San Mateo Road, 988-3628; 3286 Cerrillos Road, 455-5228

With the recent acquisition from Enterprise Bank & Trust, LANB is better suited than ever to help with that loan.

301 Griffin St., 662-5171; 2009 Galisteo St., 662-5171; 3674 Cerrillos Road, 662-5171

Get your loan from people who live and work in your community, and who have a vested interest in keeping it wonderful.

813 St. Michael's Drive, 983-7328; 4920 Promenade Blvd., 983-7328

Best Lodging

La Fonda's principal structure was erected in 1922, and a lot's happened to the place in nearly 100 years. Find upscale food, drink and entertainment indoors, or take the elevator to the Bell Tower, one of Santa Fe's most beloved and highest outdoor bars. This is like living with history, all right on the Plaza.

100 E San Francisco St., 982-5511

Whatever else happens, Santa Fe is a tourist's dream. When they come a-knocking, AdobeStar has the vacation homes to make that stay even better.

154 W Marcy St., Ste. 104, 988-3024

New owners have transformed the longtime Santa Fe hotel into a contemporary and decidedly more artistic experience along with the minimalist and popular La Reina bar and live music.

1862 Cerrillos Road, 982-1931

Now Enterprise Bank & Trust
Now Enterprise Bank & Trust | Kelli Johansen

Best Mortgage Lender

It can be hard enough sorting out housing in Santa Fe without predatory banks searching for their next sucker, but LANB's commitment to all things Santa Fe and experienced brokers provide the low-pressure know-how to help prospective buyers find and keep their local abode.

301 Griffin St., 662-5171; 2009 Galisteo St., 662-5171; 3674 Cerrillos Road, 662-5171

Since 1986, this Santa Fe nonprofit has helped people realize and achieve their home-buying dreams through financial assistance, education and more.

1301 Siler Road, Ste. D, 983-9473

You know 'em, you love 'em, you voted 'em tops in a couple other categories. And, when you're ready to figure out that mortgage, you'll give 'em a call.

510 N Guadalupe St., Ste. A, 988-3628; 604 W San Mateo Road, 988-3628; 3286 Cerrillos Road, 455-5228

Best Movers

Moving is, frankly, the worst, and when one hits a certain point in life—namely, that point where your friends won't help you anymore and you remember you don't have a truck— it's time to call in the experts. Sure, it's a little more pricey than ordering a pizza for buds, but Zen Movers' licensed and professional and careful staff makes it worth it, and erases much of the stress.


Perhaps you know them as the Christmas tree people, but the Delancey Street Foundation does more, including providing moving services.

Highway 94, Ohkay Owingeh, 852-4291

It's just what it sounds like, but these two guys care as much as you do—plus they've got the truck ready to go. Their online reviews are all good, BTW.

7537 Old Airport Road, Apt. B, 273-3628

Best Pest Control

We've all had that experience of watching a centipede slip behind a bookshelf from the corner of our eye, and while there are what we might call "good" bugs around, some pose a threat to pets and children. The folks of Bugman know this and, like the superheroes they are, they're out to help. So long, centipedes.

2873 Trades West Road, 455-3832

The people at New Mexico Pest Control don't want you to have to live with terrifying creatures any more than you do.

3213 Calle Marie, 474-5972

Did that gigantic spider just whisper your name and stare into your soul with its many eyes? Better call in the professionals if you want to make it through the night.


Best Plumbing Company

Aranda's flared into existence in 1947, and in the subsequent 70-ish years has grown into one of Santa Fe's most trusted companies. Plumbing? Air conditioning? HVAC? Yeah, they do that, plus, there's a small general store attached to the business. A little weird? You bet. A lot awesome? Totally.

600 Cortez St., 983-7391

Good luck reading the name of the business and not hearing the theme song in your head. Plumbing, heating and cooling, indeed.

2532 Camino Entrada, 471-0119

Local services from a local company run by a local guy who cares about the community. That's about as solid as it gets.

17 Bisbee Court, 992-0306

Best Real Estate Agency

Since 1986, Santa Fe Properties has helped locals and newcomers alike find and attain homes. In a town like Santa Fe, this is no small feat, particularly in recent years. But everything we hear is positive, and when navigating such a complicated world, positivity is a must.

216 Washington Ave., 982-4466

With one of the largest staffs in all local real estate-dom, it's no wonder Barker signs are commonplace and everyone, from the commercially inestimable to the local, is looking to use their services.

530 S Guadalupe St., 982-9836

Helping people buy homes in a historically difficult market with a special emphasis on the not rich? Nice work, Homewise!

1301 Siler Road, Ste. D, 983-9473

Best Roofing Company

Roofing is one of those services that might not seem sexy, but when it's the dead of winter and a leak starts its maddening drip, drip, drip, it suddenly becomes all that matters. Brian McPartlon is award-winning (including multiple Best of Santa Fe awards) and trusted; a name you can really believe in.

39 Bisbee Court, Ste. 7, 982-6256

Consistently positive online reviews from Santa Feans who love 'em, Goodrich has the goods.

3333 Agua Fría St., 473-5555

Santa Fe's buildings are unique to say the least, and Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing knows how to keep you dry and smooth.

3600 Cerrillos Road, 690-6215

Best Solar Energy Company

It's sunny in Santa Fe way more often than not. And, as the world burns, it makes more and more sense to capitalize on those cloud-free days. Positive Energy Solar currently enjoys 100% positive reviews across online user rating sites like Yelp and Google, and whether you're gussying up your home or business, they're here to help.

3209 Richards Lane, 726-4944

The company's been around since 1978, and today they're proudly local and ready to help you harness the UV power of the sun.

56 Hwy. 65, Dixon, 455-8875

The name says it all, really—you want solar, you want it affordably, this is how you do that. Technically it's in ABQ, but you want solar, don't you?

4840 Pan American Frontage Road N, Albuquerque, 944-4220

A-1 Self Storage
A-1 Self Storage | Kelli Johansen

Best Storage Facility

You've got a lot of stuff you want stored, Santa Fe, and year after year, this is where you choose to do the storing. We're talking climate-controlled units, solar-powered units, clean units, five locations across town—RV parking, even. In other words, if you want that stuff out of your house but not out of your life, here's the place to get that done.

1591 San Mateo Lane, 983-8038; 
2000 Pinon St., 988-2985; 
1311 Clark Road, 471-8911; 
3902 Rodeo Road, 310-6271
1224 Rodeo Road, 474-0921

When you're looking to store and you're looking to keep it local, this is the business you call.

1501 Third St., 983-6600; 
3064 Agua Fria St., 473-2222; 
7521 Old Airport Road, 471-2004

Three locations in town give you, well, extra space. All-hours access and trusted security also helped land it on this list.

2977 Rodeo Park Drive, 819-5967;
900 W San Mateo Road, 466-9400;
875 W San Mateo Road, 986-0639

Best Tire Shop

Knowledgable staff who'd rather keep you safe and be helpful than worry about selling products you don't need, plus a wide array of rubber to fit almost any budget. Everyone we know prefers Discount Tire, and we know people who like driving. Be one of them at both ends of Cerrillos Road.

1366 Cerrillos Road, 984-0626; 4316 Cerrillos Road, 473-9216

As the name implies, Amigo Tire & Auto just wants to be your friend. And for you to have tires that safely get you where you're going.

1901 Cerrillos Road, 984-0900

A huge selection of tires plus services to help cars and trucks stay on the road with serious grip.

3153 Cerrillos Road, 424-2220