We Made It!

Well, 2019 is here, Fork fans, and it couldn't possibly be worse than 2018, right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, if you're reading this, chances are you're alive, and that's pretty good, all things considered. And besides, 2018 wasn't all bad. We got to Fork together all year and learn and grow together. But that's old news … What's up next?

If you read this week's SFR food column from our new food columnist Zibby Wilder, you're already aware of certain trends coming our way, such as sweet hummus and butters made from things you'd have never thought would become butter. Like everything else we ever read, see or do, Zibby's column got us thinking about ourselves and new trends that might make their way into Chez Fourchette. They might be more like resolutions, but the word "trend" is way zippier, so …

First off, we think we're finally ready to accept that most fake meat is not for us. Tragically, this may mean more salads in 2019, but with a newfound love of de-seeding pomegranates (it's just so satisfying), we're gonna start putting those bad boys in everything. In fact, The Fork's partner tossed some pom seeds into a green bean and walnut deal the other day, and it was AWESOME.

We're also thinking of cutting down on the ol' coffee, even though we once read it's handy in the fight against Alzheimer's. We're just not tryna feel all jittery all the time, and trust us—The Fork needs more sleep. We found an article about a longtime coffee drinker's quest to quit that we've been to scared to read, but once we get into a good headspace, we'll get into it, and then maybe we'll all learn something?

Gotta do less sugar, too. This is probably a big one among people around the beginning of a new year, but the fact is that sugar withdrawals are real and The Fork has been known to go back for more pie. We found a quick guide to detoxing over a month; the benefits are myriad, and let's be honest about how most times we all sugar out, we later think "WHY'D I DO IT?!?"

Almond milk is a pretty big trend at our place—in coffee, cereal, you name it. We're even thinking of trying to get it going baking-wise, though we know that'll surely change things. We found an older article about which tastes better in a bake-off between regular, almond and rice milk. Unsurprisingly, regular milk won out, though it might be time to ponder whether that's real or just a response to what people already know. Either way, we can't really picture bringing back regular milk into the picture—a net gain for The Fork's 2019!

We're curious about you, Fork Fans. Do you make resolutions based around food or health this time of year? Have they stuck? Do you just want to tell us we're stupid because we don't eat the same way as you? Drop us a line sometime at thefork@sfreporter.com.

Watch this all the way through, for it is genius.


-We loved how so many people we know spent 2018 donating to causes and people, and we wanted to remind everyone they can keep it going in the new year. We understand not everyone has means, and this is by no means a way to guilt anyone, but we're going to point out that the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute is a worthy cause. Sustainable food, special events—good stuff. Even a couple bucks helps.

-Edible New Mexico popped up to the Red Willow Farm near Taos recently, and the we're now in love with the place—they use long-standing Tiwa methods in their practices. How cool is it that we lean further and further from processed foods in favor of fresh and such?

-We got an email over the break from one Arthur Seidenfeld, a strong believer in the vegetarian ways, and a guy with a blog that we're now pretty into. You can read it right here, get tips and otherwise learn how to maximize your vegetarian lifestyle (or switch, or whatever).

-Everybody's favorite little café/shovel store Modern General is launching a book club in 2019 with a year's worth of cool books to read and discussions to follow. January's book is Almost Everything by Anne Lamott, and the 11 others have already been chosen, too. How to get involved? Visit this page for all the info. It's easy and, if our Facebook feed of late has been any indication, y'all are looking for book clubs right now.

-Baja Tacos is moving into the old Wendy's location on Cerrillos Road, Chile Toreado moved over to Early Street and there's a new BBQ service in town called Uncle DT's Smokehouse. You can order online (WHAT?!) and have it delivered to a couple places in town (WHAT?!) and there's even smoked tofu (WHAT?!?). What else is going on restaurant-wise in town, Fork Fans?

More Tidbits

-Word on the street is that when the Girl Scouts start slangin' cookies this year,  they'll have a new type made with gluten-free caramel chips. Word, that sounds good. It's no Samoas, but really, what is? (Except Samoas themselves.) What's your favorite? And if you say "We like Thin Mints, Fork!" we're gonna lose it!

-Eater.com is not happy about the growing world of fake food museums, likening the trend to an Instagram photo-op with a hefty price tag. We totally get that. If you're looking for a food museum, they already exist and are called restaurants, food truck courts, immobile food courts, etc.

-Looks like Whole Foods may pop up in more remote places (read, not major cities) in an attempt to bolster its new Amazon-led two-hour delivery service. We like the lazy part about not having to go to the store; don't much care for the idea of an already too-expensive chain penetrating markets that have traditionally relied on mom-and-pop style groceries.

-The fine folks at HuffPo Food put together a list of the most-Googled foods of 2018, and we're a little scared. Everything was "keto" this and "Necco Wafer" that and "unicorn hit me with a wiffle ball bat." When The Fork Googles food, we're trying to help people (and maybe make 'em laugh); when America does it, we remember that we're living in a lawless hellscape of fad diets and too-complicated cakes (you're gonna cut the cake—just relax!).

-Starbucks is selling a special cup that allows its owner to receive a free cup of coffee or tea every single day for a month. Presumably they're tracking how many you get, but if you live in a town that has more than one (read, every single town), you could probably really make the $40 cup work to your advantage in a way they hadn't anticipated. Or maybe they did and they just make so much damn money it doesn't matter to them? Either way, get local coffee instead and feel good. We recommend:


At first, we were like "Sweet, a week off from The Fork!" But then we started to miss everyone and felt out of the loop. Don't get us wrong, we'll take other days off in the future, it's just … we like engaging with you all and are feeling hopeful about a new year. Excelsior!
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As we mentioned before, our regular edition of SFR gets into some of the upcoming food trends you might just see in the world. We think it's a great read. And, as always, write us and tell us stuff!

Happy 2019, everyone!
The Fork