REMIX Audio Bar has only been open a couple days, but when SFR wandered in and met with owner Justin Ray, you could almost swear the space was made for a coffee shop all along. A comfortable second-story room above Marcy Street's La Lechería (101 W Marcy St.), REMIX's interior was designed by Ray's wife and co-owner, Julie Grace. Windows peers out over the area and sturdy, sink-free bean bag chairs wait for customers near a welcoming community table.

Stools and tables feature 12-inch vinyl cleverly instituted to exemplify form over function, and wireless headphones are available through which customers can listen to recorded DJ sets or Spotify playlists in whatever genres they like—just switch between the channels on the headphones and you're golden. Think of it like a constantly operating silent disco that will evolve over time to include playlists co-curated by the ownership and customers. Ray also says REMIX plans to host live DJs as well.

"We can have up to three at a time," he says. "And they can play at the same time."

For now, REMIX boasts three blends from Iconik Coffee Roasters, Ohori's and Aroma Coffee. The Ohori's blend was developed by Ray with help from his brother and the shop itself, and Ray also says REMIX plans to rotate out special blends from out-of-state roasters regularly in addition to the local brews. When SFR visited, Ray poured us samples of REMIX's various drip coffee blends. Particularly enjoyable was that Ohori's roast—smooth and flavorful, but still with the kick for which they're known. Ray pulled a shot of espresso for us as well, a proprietary blend he also developed that was sweet in the crema and powerful everywhere else. Put simply, it was delicious.

Ray is perhaps better known to Santa Feans as 13 Pieces, a longtime local DJ. For her part, Grace has a background in electronic music as well, specifically from the promotion angle. Each had always wanted to open a coffee shop with an electronic music theme.

"Julie and I met three years ago but we've had this particular dream separate from each other since high school," Ray says, adding that it really only took them about two months to get REMIX up and running once they decided to pull the trigger. Ray says they hope to court downtown workers as well as electronic music fans and coffee buffs. With a closing time of 11:30 pm, the relatively-late-night crowd will find something to like as well.

"I'm a clubber who sometimes wants to go to a place that feels like a club but isn't a club," Ray tells SFR.

We think they've hit the sweet spot.

REMIX Audio Bar
101 W Marcy St.,
Monday-Friday 7:30 am-11:30 pm; Saturday-Sunday 10 am-11:30 pm