Into the Matrix, Santa-Fe Style

A trio of online events almost make life feel normal again

Gallery openings are (like everything else) on hiatus for a little while, and that's ostensibly a sad thing—but opportunities for long-overdue innovation abound. Galleries are moving their exhibits online for virtual viewings, so while you may no longer be able to rub elbows with the elite while enjoying wine and hors d'oeuvres, the art is more accessible now than it ever has been to anyone, regardless of physical ability, social class or even place in time.

For example, Blue Rain Gallery's exhibit, A Tribute to Oscar E. Berninghaus, features 13 gallery artists' interpretations of the Taos modernist's works. The virtual tour takes the form of a 30-minute video shot from the perspective of a gallery visitor and includes short clips of the artists discussing their process, providing the depth of a personal tour but on your own time (and on your own couch). Frankly, it's a YouTube video, so even when the paintings come down on May 13, the tour will live on…line.

Evoke Contemporary is also providing a virtual tour of its galleries with a more interactive platform. Using a point-and-click interface, online visitors can move through the building and see two different exhibits in glorious 360 degree panorama: Lee Price's Repose, a series of oil paintings exploring the experience (and the burden) of relaxation, and Christopher Benson's Grand Gestures. The platform provides audio of Benson speaking about his work while viewers explore the paintings at their leisure. There's even a VR option if you have one of those high-tech headsets. Both exhibits are up until May 23, but the gallery will maintain an archive to preserve the virtual experiences for posterity.

What about the social aspect of openings? Rachel Houseman is hosting a Facebook Live Artist's Night this Saturday from 5-6 pm to celebrate the opening of her new exhibit of colorful, mind-bending paintings at Eye on the Mountain, 19 Pueblos. It's not perfect, but you can interact with other participants in the comments while Houseman answers your questions live.

Many galleries remain open by appointment, so if you see a piece you'd like to buy, you can still go check it out. This selection is hardly comprehensive; check your fave galleries' websites to see if they're doing any virtual tours, and look for openings at (Cole Rehbein)

So Festive


Did we already feature a story about the upcoming Virtual LemonAid online music fest? You bet. Do we think it bears repeating? Also yes. See, while the remainder of 2020 looks like a horrible, barren graveyard of would-have-been concert events, the truly legendary promo people have embraced streaming platforms across the internet's tubes—and when that means performances from Buffy Sainte-Marie, Future Scars, Daniel Rossen, Nacha Mendez and a whole glut of others (plus special surprises, we hear), you tell folks more than once. We'd also point out Virtual LemonAid is free to watch on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram TV, which means you should probably donate a buck or two; 80% of the proceeds go to the All Together New Mexico Fund and the Santa Fe County Connect Fund. Both help Santa Feans in need during COVID-19. (Alex De Vore)

Virtual LemonAid: 
8 pm Friday, May 8. Free.

Dance, Magic, Dance


You think you've got it rough? Think about the kids who've been working tirelessly at school and in extracurricular programs, only to have some stupid virus overshadow their efforts right before we head into summer. At Santa Fe's National Dance Institute, the lead-up to the warmest months typically comes with a celebratory gala event that, yes, raises funds for operations, but also shines a light on the artistic achievements of its students. Seeing as how everything is going online these days, however, NDI chose to take the event to the web—and it's now a free-for-everyone affair. The organization usually makes about 23% of its budget through this event, so consider checking it out this weekend and maybe donating. Visit to learn more. (ADV)

NDI New Mexico Virtual Gala:
5:30 pm Saturday, May 9. Free.

Mother, Mother, Mother…

Courtesy El Brujo Music / Facebook

Oh, dang—don't tell us you forgot about your dearly beloved mother because you've been swept up in virus difficulties. You know what she'd say, too: something like, "I'm just happy you're healthy, even if you forgot my big day and even if I was in labor for 78 hours when you were born." Well steer clear of the guilt by sending a card through the actual mail (USPS forever!) and make plans for the Brujo Trio's Mother's Day Concert. Oh, they'll be observing proper social distancing according to member D'Santi Nava, and they'll be celebrating all things mom with their rock-meets-Latin-jamz flair. And while we don't believe everyone has to have a good relationship with their mother, we do believe live music is cool, even if it's in new and unexpected formats. (ADV)

Mother's Day Livestream Concert:
11 am Sunday, May 10. Free.