Aug. 22, 2017

Best Place to Smoke

SFR's 2013 Bar Guide

April 23, 2013, 12:00 am

Smokers are modern-day lepers. I know this because I smoke. Nary a political body convenes without passing some sort of smoking restriction (we can’t even enjoy a toasty cigarette on patios anymore). Nonsmokers scowl at you if you light up outside. Passersby start faux-coughing within a 15-foot radius of your evil smoke cloud. Mothers shuffle away sobbing children.

But there’s hope: you won’t experience any of this opprobrium at Rio Chama Steakhouse’s public smoking room, the Humidor (414 Old Santa Fe Trail, 955-0765). This smokers’ retreat is all class, with leather seating, premium cigars and drinks poured stiff. Yet no need to drop too much on expensive cigars or spirits: feel free to bring your cigarettes of choice and purchase an inexpensive domestic beer. So, if you’re 21 or over, come to the Humidor, light ’em up and relax! No antismoking zealots to pollute the mood while you pollute your lungs here.

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