Your Promotional Solutions

As an advertiser in the Santa Fe Reporter, your message will reach a dynamic and involved audience: people often missed by the daily paper, radio or television advertising. The consistency of high-quality content in the paper combined with the loyalty of the Santa Fe Reporter readership will quickly build frequency and top-of-mind awareness for your points and product­--faster than advertising in other media.

Advertising in SFR can jump-start a new business and grow the market share of an established business.

Your Promotional Solutions

Get the Best Value with a Bundle

Want to get the best bang for every marketing dollar? You need a bundle. Ask your account executive about customizing a package of digital and print ads.

Expanded Reach Bundle
Your print ad + 1 digital ad

Expanded Reach + Bundle
Your print ad + 1 digital ad + 1 newsletter ad

Event Promo Bundle
Calendar Strip ad + Featured Event

Print Advertising

Ad Sizes:

  • Print Ad SizesFull
  • Print Ad SizesHalf Horizontal
  • Print Ad SizesHalf
  • Print Ad SizesQuarter Vertical
  • Print Ad SizesEighth
  • Print Ad SizesCalendar Strip
  • Print Ad SizesQuarter Horizontal

Sponsored Pages:

  • Crossword
  • Horoscope

Feature your business next to content readers look for. Change your ad as often as you like. Be in the same spot every week of the year.

Backpage Display

Print Ad Sizes
  1. Large Square
  2. Small Square
  3. Rectangle
  4. Leaderboard

*Ask your account executive for open rate prices, frequency discounts and nonprofit rates.

Digital Advertising

Website Products:


Choose the weekly feed Wednesday, The Fork foodie newletter on Thurdsays or the Weekend Picks newsletter on Fridays. Or all three for maximum exposure.

Ad Production / Costs

There is no charge for ad production including design, layout and business logo scan by our award winning in-house production department (initial design and one-proof revision.)

Ad Submissions

All ads must be submitted in digital form. Print ads: min. 300dpi at final size. Digital ads: min. 72dpi at final size.

Contact your ad rep for exact dimensions, and submit via email.

Acceptable file formats include:

  • PDFs created in Adobe Acrobat using press optimized job options and Acrobat 5 compatibility.
  • InDesign CC files - please include all image files (TIF, EPS, JPG or BMP), and both screen and printer fonts.
  • EPS files in which all fonts are turned into paths (outlines) and all images are included in the EPS file ONLY.
  • TIFs or JPGs contact our Production Department for more information and tips on how to submit your files for the best reproduction quality.

Contact the advertising department at the Santa Fe Reporter now.