Calling for help

High temps and high rivers make for dangerous conditions for migrants at the US-Mexico border. Seven bodies were found near waterways in El Paso County, Texas, this month, compared with four last year. A Border Patrol spokesman told the Associated Press that while usually, agents are posted near the river to hear the cries of people in distress, they are too busy with other duties this year.


The New Mexican has more info ($) about the two New Mexico men killed in the bush crash in Colorado on Sunday; the driver, Anthony Padilla, and a seminarian from Santa Fe, Jason P Marshall, are the victims. The Albuquerque Journal also has a story, if that paywall's got ya down.

Here you go

The Word, being an alumna of the now-defunct College of Santa Fe, has often joked about her dearly departed school that "at least I don't have an alumni association asking me for money." (Truth is, the Word loved her school so much she'd gladly give money, for the record.) The CSF Alumni Association does indeed still exist, though, and even has an endowment upwards of $1 million; the association announced this week that the money will go to the St. Michael's High School Foundation.


A new restaurant at 10,300 feet has been aptly dubbed Ten 3. Next time you drive up to Sandia Peak you'll be able to dine in style (if you wait until next month or so to drive up or take the tram, that is). The restaurant is expected to open in July.

Sudden money

Folks in charge over at the Santa Fe Regional Airport have long been saying that upgrades are coming, and in a surprise windfall, now they even have the money to do it. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a capital improvements bill in March that funneled $9.5 million to the airport project, there's another $10 million coming in over time from other federal and state money streams, and last week City Council approved $1 million to the Albuquerque-based architecture firm that's overseeing the project. Voila!

Deadly river

The Rio Grande is roaring, and it claimed the life of a woman on a rafting trip on Friday. Cheryl Current, age 72, of Albuquerque died near Pilar last week when she fell out of a boat (it was a private raft, not one operated by a touring company). She was wearing a life vest.

Stop the presses, we have hippo art

Perhaps the most important news item you'll read today: A hippo named Karen at the ABQ BioPark Zoo paints pictures with her snoot, and they're for sale to raise money for the hippo exhibit. The BioPark posted some pictures on Facebook (you don't need a Facebook account to view that link) and has more information about how you can acquire one of these very important works of art with titles like "Jungle Boogie" and "Smudge Smooch."

Watching the skies

If you're the kind of Word reader who scrolls straight down to the weather every morning (you know who you are), maybe consider taking the National Weather Service's SkyWarn class in White Rock on Saturday. Meteorologists discuss identifying severe weather and you'll probably meet other storm nerds. As for today's weather, we're just looking at more of the same from the last few days.
Thanks for reading! The Word wonders if she smeared paint on her face and smushed it on some paper, if she could sell them for $40 each. Nah, ain't gonna happen, the Word is definitely not as cute as a hippo.