Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 1, 2024

(Adam Furgeson)

News, April 17: “Bully Pulpits”

Truth to Power

Thank you for exposing both press censorship and the bullying tactics used by the administration at IAIA in “Bully Pulpits,” and the harsh consequences doled out when students and staff speak truth to power. I am a long-time public school teacher who quit my job due to a situation similar to the one experienced by Karen Redeye. I have seen many “Bully Free Zones” in schools, but they only pertain to bullying amongst students. Bullying between parents, staff and administration is very commonplace, but it continues unnoticed and unaddressed. Usually it is the victim who is blamed and ostracized. The national teachers’ union, NEA, has been ineffective in preventing this. Being an adult does not necessarily prevent childish behavior.

Steve Galli

Gallisteo, NM

Cover story, April 24: “2024 Restaurant Guide

Eat it up

Congrats to Railyard Baca chef Jordan Isaacson from @cafecito.santafe for making the cover of this week’s Santa Fe Reporter! And don’t forget if you bike to Cafecito during April and May, you receive a discount in honor of Earth Day and Bike Month.

— Santa Fe Railyard via Instagram

Molly [Mix]’s cakes & cookies [at Bakery Feliz] are the absolute BEST I have had in Santa Fe (and I have tried a lot of cakes & cookies). I wish she was open for more days (it’s probably good for my diet that she is not).

—Tilda Schiehle

Santa Fe

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