Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


The Naked Truth, June 22: “Blowjobs Get a Bad Rap”

Positive Outlooks

As a woman [who is] a part of this community and always trying to find her voice and gain her confidence, a woman in a society that’s only trying to rip you apart, I AM SO proud of Santa Fe Reporter for welcoming a column that is sex positive and written from the perspective of A WOMAN! We need more powerful, strong, no BS [women] standing for their pride, others’ pride and the pride of women working together and expressing positive outlooks and embracing and nurturing advice with no judgment for those seeking it, especially when they do not feel safe to do so.

Whitney Johnson, via Facebook

Use that Voice

Especially now with everything going on, supporting our women writers, journalists, activists, and any other humans with a uterus is more crucial than ever. We need to build our community right now more than ever. Our women who have a voice should be promoted to use that voice and make change for women.

Sean Chavez, via Facebook

Don’t Silence Sex

Such a great article! Thank you for letting women’s voices be heard in a time when the government is trying to silence us and anything involving our sexuality.

Chelsea Dunn, via Facebook

Morning Word, June 27: “Monumental Ideas”

Urban Myth

What about the possibility of no monument at all in the center of the Plaza? I was at a concert down there for the first time in a long time and that huge box cuts off the space significantly, and I remembered the previous monument doing that too. Would be nice to see it opened up, even if something a little lighter went in there.

Nicolle Jensen Roen, Santa Fe

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