Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Cover, Dec. 22: “25 Things We Love About Santa Fe Right Now”

Cherished Views

Such simplistic statements about Santa Fe development and water issues—there are many knowledgeable Santa Fe individuals, in both the city and the county, who have done plenty of research on these topics (for one, members of United Communities of Santa Fe County, unitedsantafe.org.)

While Riley Gardner, who wrote entry #21 in the Reporter’s list, seems to dismiss as petty the desire of Santa Feans for beautiful views, the editor of [his] paper, Julie Ann Grimm, is a panelist on several recent episodes of “New Mexico in Focus” (PBS, KNME), posed in front of a gorgeous view of Santa Fe, our stunning mountains in the background. Evidently, this is how Ms. Grimm chooses to present herself, her newspaper and her city to those viewing this program, as opposed to, let’s say, appearing with a background featuring Capitol Flats on Cordova Road or the under construction Turquesa apartments at Santa Fe Place mall. Hmmm. Maybe views are important? Maybe people aren’t just being selfish NIMBYs because they treasure and are nourished by Santa Fe’s fantastic vistas.

This is not an “either/or” situation, i.e., either we have development or we have views. Supporting sustainable growth, while opposing unchecked development, makes perfect sense to many Santa Feans.

Margaret Marshall, Santa Fe

News, Jan. 5: “Downtown (in)access”


It’s not just downtown. Bad sidewalks are all over the city.

Mejie Renaud, via Twitter @NUTUSAF

Letters to the Editor

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