Online, May 27: “More Speed, More Sunlight”

Important Work

Jeff Proctor is an invaluable asset to our community. We have too little information about police shootings and the stories tend to quickly fade away as the DA's referrals languish. I followed Proctor's reporting in Albuquerque about police misconduct and I think that the sustained attention has helped move that city towards more humane approaches to those who are mentally ill. Proctor's focus on people in prison and police abuses keeps a largely ignored part of our community in view. Thanks, Reporter for giving us access to such important information; it's up to us as citizens to demand more serious responses from the D.A., the Police Department, and elected officials

Denise Fort
Santa Fe

Online, May 29:“Massage Therapists Nervous About Reopening”

Thankless Service

People providing services are nervous. People serving others are more aware of what it means to be constantly exposed to people. People who need legitimate services have been doing so respectfully and know how to handle themselves accordingly. The ones making the biggest, loudest stink are the people demanding to be served, plain and simple. They don't understand what it means to serve. They can't handle thinking about others before themselves.

Cyndi Lazarus Carr
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Keep Safety First

It's similar to any doctor… I had an eye exam and felt safe. But I guess necessity negated my fear and safety was top of mind for the office.

Raychel Jayne LeBlanc
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Cover, May 27: “SFR Endorsements”

Disagree on Choice

With regard to your US Congress endorsement, you chose Teresa Leger Fernandez, over six other excellent candidates, and highlighted nothing significant with regard to any real accomplishments for such an important position. You also mentioned one item that stood out, an endorsement by Planned Parenthood (pro-abortion), while at the same time, for excellent candidate and the most outspoken defender of the sanctity of the gift of life (pro-life), you stated, "State Rep. Joseph Sanchez' opposition to women's reproductive freedom made him a non-starter for us." Really, a "non-starter," while the SFR and your candidate Fernandez clearly choose baby/fetuses wholesale eliminations, including the disgusting late term stages. And, here we are in the middle of one of the world's most tragic circumstances trying to SAVE lives. Do we get it? There must be more sane alternatives for reproductive rights freedoms, and surely not by becoming a political football during elections.

Elmer Maestas
Santa Fe

Opinion, May 13: “Great Disservice”

We Can’t Handle It

As human population explodes to 8 billion and beyond, the myth of sustainability is just that—a myth. Homo sapiens has never been sustainable for this planet. Since COVID-19 emerged because of human exploitation of nature, filthy air in mega cities around the world actually became cleaner for a while, as people stayed home. Now, that pollution is increasing again, as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Humans seem bent on destroying their only living home, obsessed with the god of never-ending growth. We think we have no limits to our eating up the earth; our plutonium stores can destroy all life on earth, much of it buried in New Mexico.

Humans have disturbed novel viruses, which have been torn from their jungle/ rainforest homes, as their depleted wildlife become "bushmeat" and "entertainment" for Homo's thoughtless societies. We are already an extinct species-—we just can't face it yet—and we are probably taking the whole world with us to extinction. Those trying to debunk the movie Planet of the Humans, will not allow themselves to face the reality of what is happening: The truth? We can't handle the truth!

Rosemary Lowe
Santa Fe

Online, May 28:“Restaurants, Gyms and Salons can Reopen June 1”

Staying In

I won't be dining in, getting my hair cut or doing anything in an indoor space anytime soon. We still don't know who is infected and contagious.

Fran Walker
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Why Can’t We Roll?

How is it that a non-contact sport like bowling where you can offer every other lane and easily comply with all rules for the health department is not as safe as a gym where people sweat? I don't get it…

Joey Padilla
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