Web Extra, May 9: “Scoot In?”

Beyond Blight

I recently spent time in San Diego, where these have turned into dangerous violations when moving and urban blight when stationary.

Your move, City Council.

Jonathan Hunter
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Another Idea

Dockless scooters will be a nuisance upon the city and will litter the surrounding environment. These scooters are hardly needed for this town and serve more as entertainment than an actual need besides certain circumstances. I'd look into bicycles with docking stations instead.

Chih Chen
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That Sums it Up

NO. We have many visitors (tourists) who are walking around Santa Fe to enjoy our incredible history, and do not want them run over by scooters. We need to foster our reputation as a walking-friendly city, not trash it with scooters. Bad PR.

Brooks Bollman
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Food, May 1: “Far Out Pizza”

Here, Here

I had [Nomad Mountain] pizza last week! After hiking around Fenton Lake, we happened upon this place, it is hands-down the best I've ever had. The crust, omg.

Linda Hassemer
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The print advertisement in last week's issue that contained the Best of Santa Fe ballot made an error in the business name of one of the nominees in the Best Barber category. It's Dino's Drive-In Barber Shop. Official online voting lasts through May 31 in over 150 categories at SFReporter.com/bosf.

In "When you can't lead a horse to water, take a camel" (News, May 8), the name of Sunny Khalsa's camel Meshach was misspelled. Additionally, the schools Khalsa attended were misidentified; they were Carlos Gilbert Elementary and Alameda Junior High.