Acting Out, Jan. 23: “The Kids are All Right”

A Few More

Kudos to Charlotte Jusinski for her column on theater kids. So many of the myths she talks about are universal and timeless—I found myself nodding my head and confirming so many from my time in the theater. There are a few embellishments I would like to add: …

The men are all gay—not true! Fun fact: Straight men that choose to do a show will do quite well for themselves, socially. … And to all boys and men—we need more of you to show up and play. There has been a big decline in your numbers onstage over the past few years!

Theater kids all love Halloween—my theater kid does, for sure, but when I was in high school we were always in rehearsal and Halloween became an afterthought.

There is a canon of shows that everyone has done—this is a great list (I did six of the shows mentioned). Can I add Pippin, Godspell and The Glass Menagerie?

One more myth—theater kids are vain and self-centered loners. I am happy to say that my theater friends from high school and college remain the ones I am closest and most loyal to—and it warms my heart to see my daughter building these same relationships now at New Mexico School for the Arts.

Once a theater kid, always a theater kid is a badge we should all wear with pride. Bravo!

Jackie Camborde
Santa Fe

Food, January 23: “Modern Taco”


I'm kind of sad to see a review of a restaurant that is based on being better than street tacos. Certainly we've had enough elitist dialogue. … Pardon me, common street taco? What's that? I've found more brilliantly seasoned fully integrated tacos where the tortilla is important on carts than restaurants. …

[Andale!'s] stuff is fantastic [1006 Marquez Place, 316-0612]. He gets his tortillas in Española and you notice them right away. Yummy. Go compare and it won't cost $7 per taco, as with the shrimp tacos in the photo for your review.

I'm really tired of elitist reviews that try to justify outrageous prices and smear honest people who often produce a far better product. Do some research and you will be delighted, I'm sure journalists aren't often millionaires.

Thanks for your reporting. See if you would rather eat there, or … ?

David Ingersoll