News, December 6: “Cutting Cover”

Some Questions

I am a former board member of The Santa Fe Botanical Garden. In 2005 [we] narrowly voted down using grant funds to cut down all the Russian olives and placing Garlon Triclopyr on the stumps. There are no safe herbicides! They kill. After careful study we found that a) most of the studies on the "safety" of these herbicides were funded by the chemical companies; b) the compounds risked DNA damage causing birth defects to reptiles and amphibians eventually reaching near surface groundwater and affecting humans, and c) slow methodical mechanical removal was far more effective for encouraging native riparian reintroduction of plant life and a better long-term way of preserving wildlife habitat, especially for migratory birds.

That was over 12 years ago. We now live in a world where people seem to want instant gratification, where attention spans are about 15 minutes maximum between cell phone checks and no one is looking at the world we are leaving for our children, or for that matter what we are [doing] to our children. I have to call out the current board of directors for what is otherwise a considerate group of naturalists and nature-loving individuals. I have to ask them—what happened? Where's your integrity? What are you really committed to?

Michael Lancaster

Food, December 20:  “Mano y Mano”

Classy Noms

Ah, Bouche! If the people behind it are running the new one, then it will make them money for sure. Bouche is one of the classiest places I know in Santa Fe, a real treat to those who want a serious restaurant.

Viktor Navarro

Letters, January 3:  “Mira Look”

More on Chemtrails

Someone should tell stupid they are condensation trails—simple science.

Robbie Sorge