The Enthusiast, Dec. 6: “Trail Ready”

Just Do It

Last year we hiked from the visitor center to Painted Cave—it was serene and beautiful. The trail was actually in better shape than the year before when we didn't quite make it to the cave. Didn't see another soul the entire three days. The trails wasn't all that bad—yes, we had to hike the creek bed, but that was easy as it was fall and the water level was low. Get your packs on, bring a water purifier for Capulin Canyon's creek (and plenty of water to carry until that point)—sleep out in the peaceful country. What could be better?!

Chris Zebrowski
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3 Questions, Dec. 6: “With Mary Rives”

Collective of Beings

This is an exhilarating time for the collective, as all beings, whether they are cognizant of it or not, are positively influenced when each of the pieces (or individuals) is respected and acknowledged. I do not find it surprising that the Chief Gaslighting Officer of the land calls women who are bravely stepping into their truth liars. It is the way of the bully to attempt to shame people into silence. Silent no more, we step into our power courageous, vocal, and strong. We started off the year with women marching into their pinkness onto Washington. Wonder Woman soon exploded across the big screens. It's time for each and every one of us to acknowledge what we have always suspected. We are worthy, we are strong, we speak out truths with courage, conviction, and love for the collective.

Candy Jones

¡Pour Vida!, Dec 6: “Under Pressure”

We Like Blanc de Noirs

Yeah, yeah, yeah, All this is worthwhile. But I say, as a former Santa Fean, just purchase and enjoy Gruet sparkling wine. It's local (Albuquerque) and is not pretentious. Plus it is excellent! So there.

Michael McCauley


Okay, Reporter.

Please check out your demographics.

Who do you think reads your paper?

It's winter in Santa Fe.

We don't have crowds of wealthy, elderly visitors picking up hip tabloids.

The average Reporter reader can barely afford a happy hour vintage at a downtown restaurant and yet food and wine articles continually push bottles way beyond our means.

How about a series promoting fine wines for $12 or less from Trader Joe's?

Or, even better, try a piece encouraging our dining establishments to consider our pocketbooks.

We underpaid/overworked locals enjoy fine dining, too. But, we are continually neglected when it comes to shopping within our budgets.

There's not a business in town that considers the average local economy during Wine and Chile Festival.

Don't forget the rest of us.

(Taco article was a terrific exception.)

Shen JC Jeanna Robinson
Editor's Note: From where we sit, Trader Joe's does little to support the local economy. You may have noticed you haven't been able to pick up a Reporter outside Trader Joe's since mid-2017; the store and its corporate partners who own the shopping center no longer allow us, or any other local publications, to have a box there. Of course, we're glad shoppers are still finding us in other places, and we're always on the lookout for locations and businesses who would like to host a box!

About Those Boxes…

Not up to Us

On Dec. 8, 2017, while shopping at the Whole Foods Market on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, I noticed that the usual placement of periodicals, like the Santa Fe Reporter, was absent. Management informed that all printed publications are located at the entrance of "the Pub," the new wine bar area.

Usually the printed publications are at the main door of the Whole Foods Market near the exit. The printed publications are now in an area where some consumers may not see them at all. This may decrease readership, as some consumers do not visit "the Pub" at Whole Foods Market.

The convenience of seeing the Reporter readily, in a place where it it is convenient to obtain the publication is important for the community. If this is the future for the access to the Reporter at Whole Foods Market, then readership may decrease.

Nicoletta L Munroe
Santa Fe
Editor's Note: Much like the aforementioned situation at Trader Joe's, unfortunately, our placement at Whole Foods is determined by the store's parent company. We hear stories like this more and more from corporations that don't value community journalism the way our community of readers do. But don't despair: You can still find our stories online, and our print edition is available at over 300 locations around the city—check La Montañita Co-op or at Smith's (both locations in Santa Fe and the one in Los Alamos).


I'd really appreciate it if the Santa Fe Reporter and all other newspapers in this city, free or otherwise, would get rid of the boxes. There are over 200 of them in the downtown area alone. Not only are they an eyesore they also take up valuable sidewalk space.

Robert M Johnson
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Editor's Note: Guess that's another way of looking at it.

Food, Nov. 15: “Show Me the Way to the Next Whiskey Bar”


Francis you mean to be rude but I thought your review for the 'tonic' restaurant was terrible it seemed you were more inti décor rather the the food,and maybe I'm a bit dumb here but the writing was terrible to read, I read it more then once,btw I've never been to place or know the owner but you sure didn't Inspire me to run there it seem's you work so hard to use some great correct English make so complicated See what it's like to read a bad letter?but I'm not a writer for the reporter,next time get to the point.Peace

Patrick Zinsser
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Editor's Note: We left the punctuation and spelling "as is" for this media critic.

News, Dec. 6: “Appealing Decision”

For Shame

In 2008, Santa Feans overwhelmingly voted to establish a new form of voting for city elections: ranked-choice voting. The city has still not implemented RCV nine years later.This is totally disrespectful to voters. Earlier this year, concerned citizens urged City Council to finally implement RCV for the election next year. Twice the council voted against moving ahead with RCV—declaring that there wasn't sufficient time to implement RCV even though the City has had nine years to prepare!

In response to a lawsuit brought by citizens this fall, District Judge David Thomson issued an opinion ordering the City to implement RCV for the March election. Behind closed doors on Dec. 4, the Council decided to appeal the judge's decision to the NM Supreme Court—now arguing that RCV is unconstitutional.…

It's imperative to respect the citizenry when they actively participate in our democracy. … Many citizens feel voting isn't important because they're not convinced their vote matters.For nine years and most emphatically this month, the City has essentially told the voter, "Your vote doesn't matter. Even if you pass a City law, we may or may not implement that law."

Shame on you, City of Santa Fe.

Craig O'Hare
Santa Fe