Letters, Dec. 6:  “Out of Your Element”

Try Skeet Shooting

So, Michael Kincaid does "not delight" in hunting? Hunting is an act of cowardice and violence: The hunter is armed, usually with a gun (or guns), sometimes with a bow—not your old-time kind, but a very sophisticated weapon system, which often results in the un-armed animal severely injured, leaving a very long blood trail, which many hunters often do not bother to follow in order to "finish the act of killing." …

James Corcoran was correct in his letter, and because he is compassionate, feels the pain and suffering inflicted upon millions of animals every year, in the name of "sport" so some blood-thirsty men and women can get  kicks out of killing.
If Kincaid gets no "delight" in this violence, he should get a new hobby.
Rosemary Lowe
Santa Fe


As a retired fire captain/paramedic, decorated expert marksman during Vietnam and former hunter/fisherman, I have seen more than my share of lost lives. It took me a long time to come to grips with my inconsistency of favoring one life over another, but I finally chose life for all, whether they be human, dog, elephant, lion, deer, cow, pig, chicken or fish. I guess I saw the spirit fading from the eyes of one too many sentient beings and I have a lot to atone for in my past. I am a changed man and now a fervent advocate for compassion, nonviolence, sustainability, health and evolving humans.
James Corcoran
Santa Fe

News, Dec. 6:  “Appealing Decision”

Info Session Alert

Thanks to the Santa Fe Reporter for Matt Grubs' article, which filled in some of the blanks on the hot-button issue of ranked-choice voting in Santa Fe. Filling in the blanks is critical. With that in mind, prior to the March 2018 election, the Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will host Ranked Choice Voting 101, an in-depth educational workshop with election experts on Wednesday Feb. 21 at 5:30 pm (Santa Fe Area Homebuilders Association, 2520 Camino Entrada, Ste. B). The workshop will be free and open to the public, so that all voters can learn how to positively affect the future of Santa Fe with this new election process.
Ray Sandoval, President
Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce