Letters, Nov. 15: “Moronic Delight”

Out of Your Element

While there may indeed be hunters who "delight in killing," I am not personally acquainted with any such. Most revere the game they pursue, and feel the full gravity of taking a life. People as ignorant of hunting and its culture as James Corcoran seems to be should leave the subject alone.
Michael Kincaid

Web Extra, Nov. 29: “For Those About to Rank”

Education? Ha!

One must certainly note that "ranked voting" will require significant education for voters—in method—to be useful. And may fall flat on its face as a result.
Albo P Fossa
Santa Fe

News, Nov. 29: “Back to Donor Darkness”

Oh Well

So much for progressive Santa Fe. Our City Council voted for a huge-empty-bus system that causes accidents and costs us $6.5 million every year; enough to bankrupt the city single-handedly. The city manager insists upon signing away any and all public protection against microwave radiation, and the council unanimously complies. The city continues to use our resources in fighting against our vote nine years ago for ranked-choice voting. And now the council is set to vote to abolish donor disclosures in ballot measures. "This is a complicated one," says Councilor Carmichael Dominguez. But not because its opposing arguments have equal merit, as one might suppose. The real problem is, the public—nominally, his constituents—wants transparency, while politicians—like him; protecting their careers—curry favor in the bigger-donor community; his real constituents. A conundrum indeed, and a microcosm of American politics.
Barry Hatfield
Santa Fe

Claytoonz, Nov. 29:


Thank you for carrying Clay Jones' works. He is straightforward and enlightening. And I love your city; two years ago, my son wanted to ski and golf on the same day, so we came to your wonderful state.
Judith T Munro-Mohamed
Toronto, Ontario
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