Cover, Nov. 15:“Boundary Busters”


Your article that denigrates the boundary process in SFPS, and at Wood Gormley specifically, is an appalling example of shoddy journalism based an interview with one person whose validity is specious, to be generous. There are specific protocols for attending a a school outside your zone; it's a lottery for schools that are outside the zoning. If you are in violation of the zoning and you lie about where you live, you need to own up to the fact that you may have to face consequences. And if you lie or cheat? What lesson are you teaching your children? That it is expedient to be deceitful? There is much much more to this story than the SF Reporter has bothered to investigate. …

In reality, this case is not about racism or prejudice … it is about a person who decided it is okay to fraudulently "cut the line" to get into a school that many people legally apply to. …

BTW, your implication is that Chantal Tynes left the district because she was forced out. She actually retired, as she had planned to do well in advance of this kerfluffle.

Terri Blackman
Santa Fe


Your article on how the school district is unfairly enforcing school zones is a pile of steaming crap. The writer could not produce a single example of a parent or family who was unfairly treated, or any other credible evidence that a problem exists with the enforcement of school zones. The takeaway of your article is that the Reporter fabricates imaginary news stories to make itself appear to be the defender of the downtrodden, which of course is nothing new.

The only parts of the article that were accurate were that former Wood Gormley parent Roseangela Rogers used a fake address to get her [kids] into Wood Gormley, that she disrupted a teacher's classroom, harassed the PTC president, the PTC president obtained a restraining order on her, and the school kicked her out because she didn't live in the school zone.

Linda Chavez
Santa Fe


In moving the Agua Fria Elementary School to El Camino Real Academy, the Agua Fria Village Traditional Historic Community of 3,644 residents thought that the 650 slots for 1-7 and 750 for K-8 would be primarily zoned for us to utilize. Suddenly the school moved to 850 in 2015, 880 in 2016 and 890 now. With an additional 600 apartments coming in on [S Meadows Drive], we face the possibility of our school built for us being zoned away from us. This is the travesty.

William H Mee
Santa Fe


The story incorrectly stated Douglas Moser's employment status. He's now a digital communications specialist for Santa Fe Public Schools.