News, Sept. 13: “Stepping Out”

Stick Around

Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Mayor. Sorry to hear you will not run but we all gotta do what we gotta do. I say that as someone who didn't always agree with your positions but in total, agree with your philosophy and vision for Santa Fe. Don't disappear from public life!

Khal Spencer


That is the first right decision he's ever made in his life. We can't have back the time he wasted but thank God he's not gonna put us through it again.

David Roybal
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Cover, Sept. 13: “Under Protest”

Calling All Raza

There is no reasonable explanation for the celebration of anti-Indigenous violence, brutality and enslavement, not to mention genocide practiced by the Spanish imperial system along the Rio Grande. For the raza reading this, this is not our culture and although it has in some ways become it, it in fact is a celebration of the very same white supremacy that was destroying our connections to the land and exiling us alongside Pueblo and other American Indian people in New Mexico,

They always want to use us to make money but like all other Indigenous/Mexicanx people, they hate that we dare live near them or survive their machinations.

Raza, in solidarity with Pueblo and other Indigenous people, must boycott the Fiestas until they are about us as a people and commemorate our stories and survivals.

Amado Guzmán
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That’s One Theory

Jennifer Marley seems to have daddy issues. Because her dad was of European decent and she doesn't like the way he treated her family she has to take it out on the Santa Fe Fiestas. In Northern New Mexico we are all mixed, Spanish and Native American. But I guess Marley chooses to pick sides.

Victoria Flores

Not Her Fault?

I think Jennifer Marley is an incredibly brave and empowered young woman. For those of us who saw what happened, she was snatched by police as they attempted to curtail the movements of protesters at Washington and Marcy. It was scary because they acted as if she was armed and dangerous, and of course she was not. If they got hit by her signs it is because of their actions, not hers.

Julee Clear

They Have Everything

How fucken sad. Really? I'm Hispanic with Native American heritage as well. Most of these so-called Indigenous peoples are halfbreeds as well. Fifty years ago they were ashamed of being called Indian. Now they have housing, casinos, healthcare, they're not being tortured, they're not being put in ovens or round up and being killed.

Mark Valdez
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Cop Probs?

From the reporting here, it sure seems like the Santa Fe police need a bit more training about how to handle situations like this, especially what they can and cannot order protesters and reporters to do.

Fred Alfred

Don’t Make a Scene

I understand protesting. I love seeing people stand up for things that truly matter. But what I hate is you have the idiots that go out there and make a scene and treat the officers like shit who are just there to make sure everyone there is safe. I wish we could for once come together respectfully and protest without making that much of a scene. A little goes along way.

Chantel Ree Shoats
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Spreading Around

The Rio Grande Sun here in Española just did an article about the names for consideration for the Española Valley Fiesta. One is wanting to highlight Oñate more and another wants it to become more inclusive, with an emphasis on the other traditions other than just Oñate. It appears that this is a conversation that is going on, not just on Santa Fe but in the surrounding communities.

James Sanchez
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Can't change the past get over it!!!! There is more going on in the world like the fact that everything around us is either on fire or under water, we should be coming together to help others not protest something that happened years and years ago we have to worry about the present or there will be no future for our children!!!!!

Perla Rose Rita Ramirez
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It’s Elementary

Don't they teach New Mexico history any more? De Vargas Junior High, Mr. McCachran's seventh grade history class, we learned all about the the Spanish Conquest and the Pueblo Revolt. Not proud of what my Spanish ancestors did and no one can change history, but if we all educated ourselves we might be able to understand the protest, empathize and maybe show a little compassion.

Nena Harris
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"But ... but ... but ... It was the good kind of racism and genocide! You know, one of the racist genocides for Jesus Christ and stuff." Although, correct me if I'm wrong, I believe Hitler played that same Jesus Christ angle. Did he not?

Matthew D Scarborough
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We’re At It Again

Progressive trash talk from the Reporter.

Edward Brown
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Cover, Sept. 6: “Sam in Santa Fe”

Humble Pie at Harry’s

In my opinion not enough has been said or written about [Sam Shepard] and his connection to Santa Fe. ... He was a very talented and multi-faceted man. ... But, from what I can ascertain, you would never know it as he was a humble man. I saw him once at Harry's Roadhouse (one of his haunts) sitting in the corner minding his own business. He was comfortable in the West and the East. A man who lived life fully, until he could no longer.

Kayce Verde
Santa Fe

Hungry Like the Sam

It was a joy to read Eric Killelea's piece. Kudos to SFR for acknowledging Sam Shepard's place in Santa Fe culture and giving us a nostalgic look back. ... As with the passing of Jim Harrison last year, the death of Sam Shepard represents the loss of an iconic literary giant. The two writers embraced the West after migrating here from their Eastern roots. The way they were both pithy characters of their adopted landscape, yet also reluctantly entangled in Hollywood life, made them wholly unique figures in our culture. ... Now, when I walk up Canyon Road at night, I'll be listening for Sam howling at the moon.

Gari Smith
Santa Fe

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