In December, the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc., released a comprehensive report that summarizes sexual assault statistics in New Mexico for 2011. The stats were obtained from 100 law enforcement agencies (which together cover 91 percent of the state population), sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs), service providers and the Administrative Office of the Courts, which maintains data from district courts around the state. Taken as a whole, the data show that sexual assault remains a complex and underreported problem in New Mexico. For instance, of the estimated rapes that occurred in 2011, a mere 7.8 percent “came to the attention of law enforcement,” the report states.

Likelihood that a woman living in New Mexico will experience rape or attempted rape:
1 in 4

Likelihood that a man will:
1 in 20

Percentage of male and female sexual assault victims, respectively, who were children at the time of the assault:
53%, 24%

Average time male and female sexual assault victims, respectively, wait before seeking therapeutic services:
16 years, 8.8 years

Total number of sex crimes reported by New Mexico law enforcement in 2011:

Percentage of sexual assault cases reported to service providers in which the offender was the same race as the victim:

Percentage of rape cases, in New Mexico in 2011, in which the victim reportedly knew the offender:

In cases where the victim knew the offender, likelihood that the offender was a family member:
1 in 5

Number of rape cases in which drug or alcohol use was documented:

Share of those cases in which the offender was the only party using drugs or alcohol:

Number of men, women and children, respectively, who visited Santa Fe's Esperanza Shelter last year:
2, 175, 174