This is how a legend is made: It starts with litter. Then, a guy named Jim Cooney calls up his friend Jim Terr and says, "Write a song." Then Terr writes a song. Then, Michael Hearne does vocals. Herne adds a chord change. And voilà! ---

"Toss No Más" becomes New Mexico's anti-litter jingle.

"I write jingles," says Jim Terr. "I'm also that guy that did the song of Snapple." That's right. You read that correctly. He entered a competition and won. He wrote the Snapple song. "I do more video now," says Terr. In fact, the jingle's posted on Terr's Youtube channel, accompanied by a bad-ass slideshow of nature and stuff.

"Somebody told me that it was the longest-running jingle in New Mexico."Twenty years ago, something in the universe shifted and New Mexico got an anti-litter anthem. "I remember it came to me," Terr muses, "I just wrote it."