In honor of international drum month, the staff of The Candyman Strings & Things hopes to foster a sense of community among Santa Fe's percussionists with its first official Drum Battle Saturday, Nov. 27.---

The Candyman Strings & Things' owner Cindy Cook believes that it's time for drummers to get a little recognition. "There's always battle of the bands and guitar-offs, but you don't see a lot available for drummers," Cook says.

With this in mind, Cook and her staff have organized a drum competition for Santa Fe's percussive community.

The 2010 Drum Battle Competition is open to all ages and all levels of experience.

Contestants don’t even need to own a single drum, as The Candyman Strings & Things provides a five-piece kit with cymbals, hardware, cowbell and a drum throne. Contestants can bring their own drum sticks, bass drum pedal and snare drum, but no other personal gear is allowed.

Entrants are divided into two categories: amateur and pro. The "pro" category is reserved for working musicians. The "amateur" category is for everyone else.

Each performer is given three minutes to impress the judges. In the event of a tie, judges may ask for an additional two-minute set.

The judge’s panel consists of professional drummers from Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Judge Peter Amahl has played with musicians ranging from Natalie Cole to Dave Matthews, judge Peter Williams is in the process of developing a School of Rock program in Santa Fe and judge Joey "Noise" Floridia plays the drums for the band Rose Beneath. Contestants are judged based on four criteria: technique, originality, style and stage presence.

The third place amateur contestant gets a $50 gift card to The Candyman Strings and Things, second place is given a $100 gift card and the first place finisher walks away with a 16-inch Zildjian ZHT Crash Cymbal.

The winner of the pro category is awarded an 18-inch Zildjian A Custom Crash Cymbal.

Doors open at 1 pm. The performances begin at 2 pm, but entrants must sign in by 1:30 pm on the day of the competition in order to participate.

Participants can enter online or in person at The Candyman.

2010 Drum Battle Competition

2-5 pm
Saturday, Nov. 27


The Candyman Little Wing
851 St. Michael’s Drive