The Return of New West
Santa Fe is a town that understands that all country music is not created equal.

What one person may call roots-country, another will call, yet another will call Americana, and all of it will feature a smattering of rock 'n' roll. Though Ashley Raines is now based in Colorado, he spent a year busking the streets of Santa Fe. Having experience in a town that knows the intricacy of country music explains how it is that his "country" music also includes funky bass lines, deft slide guitar, sexy, bluesy vocals and haunting, speeding melodies.

Raines is an undeniably talented multi-instrumental musician and lyricist. Chuck Grewe on upright bass and Bryce Abood on drums are none too shabby either—and maybe even telepathic, judging from how tight the band's live performance is.

It's only fitting the Western-shirt-clad band plays the Old West Saloon, the gussied-up, smaller and more intimate neighbor of the historic Mine Shaft Tavern.

In May, SFR was on hand to blog Raines' last Santa Fe show and made note not only of the band's flawless performance, but also that its members are nice guys on top of that. Now that's country. (CJ)

Ashley Raines
3-6 pmSaturday, Aug. 1
No cover

Old West Saloon at the Mine Shaft Tavern
2846 Hwy. 14, Madrid

Get Thee to a Teen Arts Center!
What, forsooth, wouldst thou say were I to informest thou of a group of minstrels from yon hamlet of Portland, Ore. who call themselves "bardcore" and perform musical delights akin to Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

Correct…Thou wouldst be intrigued, and rightly so! Prithee, heed these words and behold the spectacle that is The Metal Shakespeare Company. Lo, for it would be truth to say a gathering of minstrels such as these shall shake the very heavens and make for a most rollicking time indeed.

Borne of fire and ash atop the highest peaks, these fellows travel by night upon steeds of the truest virtue to provide songs steeped in the tradition of the Bard himself. Part comedic, yet equal parts metal and theater, viewers wouldst find themselves the fool were they to attend any other gathering.

The band of merry men tour New Spain (or, as the rabble call it, New Mexico) in support of a new magick disk, self-titled and inspiring. Perhaps the most well thought-out and clever of songs, "Hamlet 2 Bleed or Not 2 Bleed," is a stunning tale of missing one's true love, and descending deeper into solitude and madness. But that is just the beginning of the offerings for which the band is known. I implore thee to discover for thyself the band that launched a thousand hurrahs!

Quite interesting indeed is versificationist Lord Simm's New Spain connection. Formerly of Albuquerque punk outfit Question the Answers, it is a delight to have one of our own back amongst us to provide a night of merriment. (AD)

The Metal Shakespeare Company
7 pm Saturday, Aug. 1
No cover

Warehouse 21
1614 Paseo de Peralta