Santa Fe Schools Ponder Ditching Class for 'Day of Action'
After social media blew up with rumors that Santa Fe Schools would close on Wednesday to hold a rally for education funding at the Roundhouse, the district announced that wasn't true—but that it was actually considering that for Thursday. While SFPS Superintendent Veronica Garcia said the district was in crisis because of the funding, the governor's spokesman called it a political stunt.

It hasn't been two weeks since a car plowed into Jambo Cafe. Last night, the same thing happened to the Cato clothing store next door. Nobody was hurt as a woman in her 40s crashed through the plate glass windows at the front of the store.

Senate Overrides Governor's Veto
The Senate voted to erase Gov. Susana Martinez' veto of a bill that would have allowed teachers to use more than three days of sick leave a year without having it affect their job evaluation. If the House agrees, and it would need a two-thirds majority to do so, it would mark the first time in more than a decade that a governor's veto was defeated by the Legislature.

Fix That Website ... And Also Find a Way to Pay For It
After demanding that the secretary of state update New Mexico's antiquated campaign finance reporting—and searching—website, the Legislature's budget doesn't include any money for the estimated $1 million task. The secretary of state says she may try to find grants to help pay for more user-friendly way to check out who's giving money to politicians.

Life as an Undocumented Immigrant
What's it like to worry that a knock on the door could split your family from one another forever? Joey Peters finds out over at NM Political Report.

Ethics Group Says Proposed Ethics Commission Critically Weakened
New Mexico Ethics Watch used to support the proposed constitutional amendment to create an independent ethics commission. But the group yanked its support after a House committee gave lawmakers more control over who sits on the "independent" commission.

Senate Committee Kills Gila Oversight Bill
The measure would have more closely watched federal funds given to the Interstate Stream Commission, which has been notoriously secretive in its handling of public records. The bill required basic due diligence steps that asked the ISC to prove who would get the money, why it's needed and who would ultimately benefit from water projects that are part of the Gila diversion.

Episode IV: A New Hemp
On the hemp beat, Dan McKay reports on a compromise bill for an industrial hemp program that passed the House overwhelmingly on Tuesday. The governor has already vetoed two hemp program bills without comment. There's always hemp ... er, hope.

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