Time to Close Gun Show Loopholes

Two state Senators want to

that allow people to purchase firearms without undergoing a criminal background check from unlicensed dealers. Steve Terrell reports:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard Martinez of Española and new Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth of Santa Fe have pre-filed a bill that would require background checks on sales made at gun shows and other private firearm transactions. The measure is similar to a 2013 bill that passed through the House — with eight Republicans supporting it and Gov. Susana Martinez vowing to sign it. But that bill tanked in the Senate.

Senator Wants Contingency Fund Accountability

Republican Sen. Sander Rue, D-Albuquerque, thinks the public and state auditors should have

to the governor’s $80,000 annual contingency fund and he’s introducing legislation to make it more transparent.

Gutierrez Appeals Conviction

David Gutierrez, who was ousted from his post as Doña Ana County treasurer Nov. 31 after a jury found him guilty of public corruption and gross immorality by a public official, is

Top Story of the Year

The food stamp application processing fraud scandal that rocked the New Mexico Human Services Department is the

, according to the folks over at the New Mexico Political Report.

Sophia and Elijah Top Baby Names

The New Mexico Department of Health released list of

in New Mexico in 2016. For baby girls it’s Mia, Sophia and Olivia. For boys, parents favorited Elijah, Noah and Michael. Amelia and Sebastian also debuted on the Top 10 list for the first time.

Meow Wolf an Instagram Favorite USA Today ranks Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return exhibit as the

New Mexico locale on the photo-sharing site Instagram.