Ethics Committee Records Sought

Prosecutors at the New Mexico Attorney General’s office want to review a legislative ethics subcommittee's records related to a complaint filed against former state Sen. Phil Griego. But the Legislative Council Service is fighting a subpoena. They argue “that communications between ethics subcommittee members and staff are constitutionally protected from disclosure under a so-called 'speech and debate' privilege."


The AG's Office claimed that because the findings were publicly released, the rest of the subcommittee's records should be released too.

"In this case, the most significant part of the investigation – its outcome – was already released by both Griego and (the council service)," the AG's Office attorneys wrote in their Monday motion. "The remainder of the investigative file is therefore no longer confidential."

Hospital Board Dissolved

Joey Peter reports, “University of New Mexico Regents

of how the university’s Health Sciences Center is run.” Health Sciences Chancellor Paul Roth believes the changes could undermine the group.

"I believe these policy changes could dramatically undermine our success going forward," Chancellor [Paul Roth] said. "And when Regent Doughty stated yesterday that the reason immediate action is required is to help with the budget crunch, the real reason for the changes became obvious—to move scarce resources from the HSC to cover the deficits on Main Campus."

Jobs Crash

“New Mexico no longer has the nation’s worst unemployment rate, but it remains among a handful of energy-producing states that are

,” reports Bruce Krasnow at the New Mexican.

The January numbers released by the state Department of Workforce Solutions indicate the state lost 1,800 jobs between January 2015 and January 2016. The 12-month job decline for the mining sector, which includes oil and gas development, was 7,700 jobs, which means more than 25 percent of the workforce was downsized in the one-year period due to falling energy prices.

Workforce Solutions numbers show that half of New Mexico’s counties still have an unemployment rate over 7 percent.

Commercializing Lab Technology

Gov. Susana Martinez has announced the first batch of funding to help

that are the result of partnerships between researchers at New Mexico's laboratories and universities, and the private sector.

State Seeks Reimbursement from EPA

The New Mexico Environment Department is seeking $1.5 million from the US Environmental Protection Agency to

from the Gold King Mine river spill.

‘Give It To Me’

It’s National Sunshine Week, and

. She’s received special recognition for “drunk dialing for public records” from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We’re a little sympathetic:

The world would be a better place if we could all get public records on demand with a simple phone call. Unfortunately, that’s not the case yet, apparently not even for governors.
Veto Explained

After a remarkable series of reports, “Crisis in the Cold,” detailing the deaths of 25 people in Gallup,

from Martinez on why she vetoed money earmarked to save a detox center.