Despite the name of SFR’s annual fitness guide, the stories in this issue aren’t geared at extreme perspiration.

Well, at least, not entirely.

Certainly, though, Rani Molla’s foray into CrossFit has produced its share of transpiration, as well as some personal observations about and accomplishments in this form of extreme workout.

Crossing the Line: CrossFit provides the answer to the rushed—and the marginally insane

CrossFit also is a decent training ground for anyone considering the ultimate endurance trial. That would be the city’s fireman test, which Zane Fischer explores as a true test of physical strength if ever there were one.

Fire Fit: Today’s first responders are lean, mean emergency machines

Writer Candace Walsh wasn’t trying to get into fireman shape when she set out on her personal fitness quest. Rather, she just wanted to get into shape for her brother’s wedding. Read about her adventures at the Salvador Perez Pool and Fitness Center, and be sure to check out our list of the many other gyms available for your personal goals.

Shape Shifter: Sometimes with fitness goals, you gotta make it personal

Work It: Got energy to burn? Read on.

Of course, fitness isn’t just about running fast and lifting heavy things. In this issue, Ramón A Lovato takes his dancing shoes to both the Railyard’s African dance classes (thank you to dancers Elise Gent, Lucy Gent, Nicole Cassidy and Naja Druva, who appear on this issue’s cover), and checks out the moves of the popular Zumba phenomenon.

Across the Tracks: African dance serves up a joyful workout with a sense of community

The Zumba Rumba: Zumba dance parties offer up accessible, low-impact cardio workouts

All of this exertion may leave you needing some rest and relaxation. It may be time for a little Indian head massage, or perhaps you should start working your way through the many spas and centers that offer bodywork in the city.

All In Your Head: An imported massage practice could free your mind

Rub It In: De-stressing treatments are just a call away

Lest you think we’ve forgotten about the great outdoors, be sure to check out Charlotte Jusinski’s advice for newbie backpackers, as well as some picks from SFR for fall excursions.

Slackpacking: Even you can go backpacking

Fall Quest: SFR’s picks for 10 outdoor adventures in northern New Mexico

Finally, fitness isn’t just about the body. The mind and spirit sometimes need a little love, too. Hypnotherapy could help with both and, as writer Christie Chisholm discovers, a supervised cleanse might be worth undertaking if you’re ready to detox, reflect and reset your body’s cravings.

Getting Sleepy: Hypnotherapy addresses a vareity of health issues

The Fast Track: Is going foodless a path to health

Feel free to add your own ideas and suggestions for staying fit in—and around—the City Different.