Tesuque is home to families that have owned land here since the 16th century right next to movie stars who designed their brand-new adobe mansions. It is only fitting that the area's mainstay eatery comfortably accommodates everyone. TVM, having recently expanded to Venice, California, keeps its anchor firmly in New Mexico with a restaurant-cum-market (est. 1989) with spicy chile and creaky wood floors. Among offerings are a brick-oven pizza ($18 for a 16-inch margherita), red chile posole with pork ($13 a bowl), a big-as-your-head chicken quesadilla ($11) and Frito pie ($11 for veggie—beef will run you $14), not to mention household staples at a premium (grab a 14-ounce bottle of ketchup here for $4 rather than run into town to spend half that). Maybe there's something to be said here about gentrification—but sitting back at a table that bucks when you lean on it (the floor's crooked, not the furniture), the trees full of noisy late-summer bugs, neighbors and international travelers chatting table to table—what matters most to us elsewhere just doesn't carry the same weight here. Note: The margaritas ($12.50 for a house) mess you up, so have a DD handy. Or take a long walk.

Tesuque Village Market
138 Tesuque Village Road, 988-8848
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily