Jambo offers eclectic East African Cuisine, prepared with the guidance of chef Ahmed Obo of Kenya. I showed up alone and ordered several plates to myself. My server said he had a $200 bet on me being able to finish everything, including a plate of cinnamon-dusted plantains ($5.95), a sampler with curry chicken, coconut lentils and goat stew ($14.95), and a jerk chicken sandwich ($9.95). I'm sad to report that my server lost his bet, but happy to say the food was that good. I ordered the plantains on repuation alone and found them  perfectly seasoned and tasty. While the delicate flavor of the coconut was nearly indetectable, chicken and goat served on opposite sides of the plate were made more delicious when mopped up with roti flatbread. Jambo also has plenty of dry wines imported mostly from South Africa. My glass of Mulderbosch cabernet rose ($8) went well with everything. I took home the jerk chicken sandwich (wrapped in a pita, not bread) for lunch the next day, as well as the mix of sweet and regular fries. If you can't make it here as often as you'd like, don't worry: You can order Obo's cookbook online.

Jambo Café
2010 Cerrillos Road, 473-1269
Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday
Twitter: @JamboSF