Travelers share an adage: A restaurant with a full parking lot is probably good. The lunchtime crowd at India House reminds you this is true. Diners who want in on the healthy, tasty buffet ($12.95) from 11 am-2:30 pm every day pack the house, and it's an old house—having served South Indian cuisine for 25 years. Patriarch Kewal Dhindsa left generations of farmers when he immigrated to the US and found it only natural to keep growing what he cooked here. Now, he mostly stays close to home and tends the 1.25-acre family vegetable garden that provides all the restaurant's mint and many of its other goodies from the ground. Sons Amrick and Pawan mind the store at the establishment that's well-known for attentive service and not as well-known for serving primarily organic vegetables. Each day's popular lunch line includes dishes like creamy chicken tandoori, crispy vegetable pakoras and flavorful dal makhani. There's no buffet for dinner, but that leaves room for adventure in the menu from the not-so-spicy Punjab tradition.

India House
2501 Cerrillos Road, 471-2651
Lunch and dinner daily