According to green-marketing guru Carolyn Parrs, Santa Feans love green. Parrs, who is

in this year’s Green Issue, categorizes consumers according to how committed they are to buying green products: “Light-green” consumers might buy them once in a while; medium-green ones will buy a more eco-friendly product if and when it makes sense; and deep-green shoppers will almost always buy green, “just because they believe in it,” Parrs says. Roughly 19 percent of United States consumers can be classified as deep green, but in Santa Fe, Parrs estimates that “a good 40-50 percent” of local consumers are committed eco-buyers.

That’s a long-winded way of saying that Santa Fe is something of an environmental mecca—and we certainly have the infrastructure to back up that buyer base, with everything from Parrs’ green-marketing business to a fully local

, a vibrant

and our very own


Beyond profiling some worthy local businesses and nonprofits—unfortunately, it’s impossible to include them all—the 2013 Green Issue also offers useful information for green consumers, whether it’s


you’re after. Finally, check out our

for a list of the many noteworthy environmental events in the offing as we approach Earth Week next month.

In Santa Fe, it’s pretty easy being green.

—Alexa Schirtzinger

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