7 Days

7 Days

For the week of May 8, 2024

1. Meow Wolf announces it’s opening in Los Angeles

Where there’s almost as many Californians as in Santa Fe

2. Airbnb reveals floating Up house debuting in Abiquiú this summer

Which will fly a flag reading: “Let them eat sopaipillas”

3. Virgin Galactic announces VSS Unity’s final commercial flight

Before it’s converted into a suborbital Airbnb

4. Judge puts temporary restraining order on Public Education Department’s 180-day school year rule

aka detention for bureaucrats

5. City of Santa Fe offers comedy training so local business owners can learn to tell jokes

With “local government” as all the punchlines

6. PNM axes safety plan to cut down Fort Marcy trees near power lines after facing outcry from residents

Apparently public outrage seemed more dangerous

7. NM Secretary of State rolls out campaign to help voters ID AI deepfakes this election season

Hint: If it looks or sounds to good to be true, it’s not electoral politics in 2024

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