The Fork is proud to announce that our readers are ENGAGED. And no, we don't mean they've entered into the contractual obligation of a dead institution with another human, we mean y'all READ and REPORT. We like this. In fact, the way we see it is that if we can say any old thing that enters our mind, you should be able to do the same. We're here for you, and we want to make this fun, especially since we know food writing can err toward the heavy-handed.

As always, we'll get into some local, national and, potentially, international morsels of food information, but we thought this week would be a good time to answer some of the questions we've gotten over the last few months. We won't name names since they're not all "nice," as it were, but we do think you should keep writing, even if it's to disagree with us or teach us something. In fact, we insist that you do. Here goes:

Who is The Fork?
Nice try, y'all, but we're staying mum on this one. Eagle-eyed readers have probably figured it out, but we're a little more about the mystique. It's fun, y'know?

What right do you have to write about food? Have you even worked in restaurants?
We go back and forth on this one, though we usually land someplace around "Does someone have to DO something to TALK ABOUT something?" If it puts your mind at ease, The Fork worked in numerous Santa Fe restaurants and some in other states for years—we know how it goes, and that's why we always tip well and act polite.

Why do you sometimes suggest non-local things in The Fork newsletter? Shouldn't you be focused on local?
The short answer is yes, we should. And we try. In all arenas, we always try to start local and spiral out from there. We believe in it, even if it winds up costing us a few bucks more. The longer version of the answer is that it's a rich and beautiful world out there with so much to experience.

When do you get more serious?
Never. We never get more serious.

Do you realize your Bastille Day history lesson was full of Les Misérables information?
Yes. We do. See above. There was some actual history in there, too—we just love Les Miz so much!

What's the best dessert you've ever had in Santa Fe?
This was actually a hard ask, but when we sat down to really weigh the merits, we'd have to say the banana tart at Dulce. Go have one immediately.

How's the vegetarian or vegan thing going?
It's going fine, thanks! Veganism proved too hard, but whatevs.

Why don't the videos you post always have something to do with food?
As we stated before, we like jokes, Les Miz and keeping it fun and light. Actually, we like a lot of musicals. We can def do our best to include more fun food-themed videos. In fact, let's put one below:

We sincerely love Martha Stewart. Also, we've made and had these cookies, and trust us—you wanna try 'em.


-We hear tell that the Impossible Burger—a dish you can try at the Plaza Café Southside—has now made its way to chains like Applebee's. Try to hit up the local spot first, but now you know.

-The Hoy substance abuse recovery program in Española has added a egg, produce and meat program to its therapy. We think that's super-cool and productive!

-We've been hearing from Fork readers that they'd like to figure out how to try the delicious edibles from local dispensaries, so let's crowd-source a little here—how did you get your cannabis card and what advice can you give? We'll let the readers know once we have some good information.

-We hear that on July 10, New Mexico's governor Susana Martinez cut the ribbon on a cheese plant expansion. It's cheese, it created new jobs, we're into it and glad that Martinez finally did at least one thing we're pumped about: cheese.

-We were just checking out this Southside restaurant called Café Grazie online and holy smokes—we wanna try it. Anyone love this place and wanna tell us what to try?

For good measure…

More Tidbits

-Food-centric site has partnered with PBS for a new show called No Passport Required. Is it about food? You bet! And you can find out how to stream the first episode right here.

-The Fork just cried listening to that Les Miz song.

-While we were talking about the banana tart earlier, we started thinking about other good banana desserts and found this banana-and-peanut-butter thing from Oh. Em. Gee.

-Why did no one tell us about National Ice Cream Day last Sunday? Turns out there are free ice cream options every July 15. Let’s stay on top of this for next year, k?

-We didn’t want to like Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal’s Netflix show about eating stuff (it’s basically like toothless Bourdain) called Somebody Feed Phil, and yet here we are having watched and enjoyed it. Find out more here and tell us what you think.

-Rainbow-colored Doritos exist for some reason. Why? We don’t know, are weirded out. Is this an offshoot of that ridiculous Doritos-for-Her thing that almost went down?

-In other “who asked for this?” news, the fine folks at Oreo have announced a rocky road variety because decency is dead and this is what we’ve come to. Yikes.

-We also discovered this week that Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries are, like, basically the McRib for Taco Bell fans. We don’t get what the big deal is—local restaurant Burrito Spot has had an item like that for ages.


A lot of letters came our way this week (as you may have read up there) and it was awesome. Keep that going.

A Totally Scientific Breakdown of The Fork’s Correspondence

Number of Letters Receieved

Most Helpful Tip of the Week (not edited for content)
“Thumbs up.” *to what, we don’t know

Actually Helpful Tip
“The best way to heat day-old pizza is in a toaster oven on the wire rack on the toast setting.”

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One fork more,
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