Cup ‘o’ Joe

Things have been weird in the world of The Fork, forkficionados (swish!). Turns out we've hit a point where coffee does weird things to us. But rather than accept that we're going to have switch full-time to tea, we've chosen to embrace those cups of coffee around town that we sometimes think of right before bed and wonder if it'd be bad to brew up a pot. After all, it truly is the nectar of the gods. And also, we get that, like, awful tension headache when we go too long without caffeine. So what're your favorites? Sound off in SFR's Best of Santa Fe nominations process here.

Anyway—here are some of our very favorite cups around town:

Ohori's Coffee Roasters
505 Cerrillos Road, 1098 S St. Francis Drive, 982-9692

Our personal favorite, Ohori's is a robust and perhaps advanced blend for the serious drinker. They're all about fair trade and cups from distant lands and, one time, these totally cool Tintin mugs that we wish like hell we'd just bought. Bonus? At around $2, it's on the cheaper side of things and—get this—you can order online here.

Caveman Coffee
1221 Flagman Way, 992-2577
411 W Water St., 988-8042

We'll admit that when we first started to notice the butter-in-coffee thing we were all like, "Wha?!" without a "t," but then we totally tried it and we were like, "Oh, woah." Caveman Coffee (whom you may recall from last week's outing just introduced eco-friendly coffee pods) provides just that, plus smoothies and all the crossfit-gym-adjacent goodness you can handle. The butter makes it healthy somehow—I mean, how're we supposed to know? We're not scientists! Bonus? There's two locations now!

The Teahouse
821 Canyon Road, 992-0972

"Wait, The Fork!" your'e probably thinking. "This is a place to go for tea!" And you'd be right, but you'd also be wrong—dead wrong. For you see, The Teahouse has one of the best damn cups of coffee we've ever had. This probably-Kyle-MacLachlan-approved brew is heady and slightly sweet and the perfect wake-me-up when you're out brunching and (maybe) hungover. Heck, it's good anytime. Bonus? You can also get the tea you know and love, or try new kinds; they've got bazillions.

Capitol Coffee
507 Old Santa Fe Trail, 983-0646

The Fork's longtime partner swears by this stuff, going so far as to make the drive really far out of our way sometimes just to get some. They've got take-home, they've got drink-there, they've got a rich and delicious house brew. We like it. Plus one of the baristas totally does that latte art thing and it's suuuuuuper-cool.


-We've heard tell of a new Albuquerque brewery run by Native women, and we're all about it. Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. wants us all to know that they, and we quote, "Love. Craft. Beer." OMG, us too! Word is they're already distributing at Whole Foods. Go forth and try!

-Speaking of beer and beers and beer related stuff, Santa Fe's Chili Line Brewing Co. specializes in rauchbiers (that means they're smoked beers, y'all), and the only way to get at 'em is to swing by their home base (204 N Guadalupe St., 982-8474) and do it up.

-Meanwhile, we had some of the best burritos and fajitas as Los Magueyes Mexican Restaurant (31 Burro Alley, 992-0304) recently, and are pumped to let you know they have warm tortilla chips. That's a small thing, but so worth it. They do music on the weekends as well. which you can read about right here.

-We've also heard troubling rumors about San Francisco Street Bar & Grill. If you have any info, please let us know.

More Tidbits

-Vice is reporting that attendees of that ill-fated Fyre Fest (about the finest example of schaudenfreude that we've ever seen) are receving emails about fancy (and expensive) dinner opportunities with LeBron James. Now, we're not scientists, as we've clearly stated already, but we'd probably not do this thing.

-Celebrity chef David Chang has a new Netflix show coming out called Ugly Delicious, and it will reportedly feature the Momofuku proprietor scarfing down comfort foods with like-minded food industry types and talkin' all about it.

-That shining bastion of all things good food, the James Beard Foundation, named former BBC and AMC exec Clare Reichenbach as its new CEO. We assume that her previous work with the BBC means the JBF is about to get all Monty Python over there. If it does not … well, we don't even know what we'll do.

-In Great British Bakeoff news (which we always love reporting on, you know that), Paul "No Nickname" Hollywood was apparently shamed last week when it came out he had bought Twitter followers to … ummmm … for some reason. Seems weird to us, but we're all about organic—both in food and in online follower numbers.

-We're just really into the absurd cake situation over on the Food Network site. We don't know how it'll help anyone per se, but that chandelier cake is something else.

-For all you Fork football fans we've got a couple of recipe recommendations for your big-game watching. This spicy ginger and coconut edamame dip is super simple to whip up, and vegan friendly. If chicken wings are your go-to big game snack, try these spicy Asian versions by Guy Fieri. I know Guy sucks so so so so bad, but if there's one genre of food that I trust he's knowledgeable about, it's Chicken wings.


The Beestro indeed announced they’ll open in the Plaza Galeria (66 E San Francisco St.) with a mid-March plan in the works. Stay tuned for more on that.Meanwhile, Fork reader Dottie had a few suggestions for names the fans can go by:

What do you all think? Let us know.Forkster Stuart was also curious about what’s up with the bison burger situation in Santa Fe since Five Star Burger closed. Yeah. What IS up with that? According to Stuart, he can’t find a great one and has to now hit the Freight House in Bernalillo for his bison fix. “Knowledgable diners know bison is tasty and heart healthy,” Stuart says.

We are pretty sure there’s one down at the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid (2846 Hwy. 14, 473-0743), but that’s also not in town. Anything closer? Someone help this guy out!

Since everyone has been asking about Cordova Road bakery Dulce, we sleuthed out some information for y’all: According to a sign apparently taped to the door by original owner/bakers Kirk and Dennis, we can expect a reopen date of Feb. 12. We’re still trying to confirm, but it’s a good start.


Forkarino Victor dropped a line to let us know that Vegan Outreach is scheduled to attend the upcoming Corrida de Los Locos 5K Run with bagels and vegan cream cheese. Holy moly! Find more details on the run here.

We also wanna shout out to Forkafean Lesley who sent us a pretty amazing-looking recipe for portobello and poblano fajitas. Thanks, Lesley!

And as for the rest of you Fork-a-Maniacs, be sure to say your prayers and eat your vitamins—see you next time!