Did you know?

That as we write this we're about to pick up a carne adovada burrito from The Burrito Company ($6.95; 111 Washington Ave., 982-4453)? Now, this might otherwise be not very exciting information, but we have a secret to share about this fine downtown establishment: If you ask real nice, they'll put French fries INSIDE the burrito. SAY WHAT?! Our officemates laughed, but the truth is we totally just blew their minds, so we got to thinking about other fun things you can get in your food if you ask real nice.

We'll start simply (and not-entirely-secretively) with the tried-and-true fried egg on your enchiladas thing. You can get this going pretty much any place the serves New Mexican food, but our favorite might be the #4 cheese enchiladas with a fried egg, X-mas, at The Shed ($9-$10.75, depending on if it's lunch or dinner; 113 E Palace Ave., 982-9030). Now, we mention this item because you'd actually be surprised how few people do this thing, but it's simple and understated and totally worth it. Also at The Shed, ask real nice for that mocha cake to be smothered in hot fudge. Oh, damn.

Meanwhile, if you head toward the Southside, The Red Enchilada (1310 Osage Ave., 820-6552) not only has one of the best tortilla burgers around ($6.25), but for just a couple bucks more you can—and should—get a side of fries and toss them all over your plate. Look, we get that this is ultimately just more fries (and that this list is pretty much just about substitutions), but we promise it's good and that Red Enchilada will become one of your faves … unless you're a real jerk or a crybaby.

That most Meow Wolf of all Meow Wolf-related food trucks, Trinity Kitchen (1352 Rufina Circle, 21-6561), has a pretty stellar option for people looking to eat less meat while still feeling like they ate something substantial—the jackfruit po'boy ($10). Our vegan friends tell us these sammies look and taste like pulled pork, so … you're welcome. Again.

If you're a little fancy one of these days, you can also go to La Boca (72 W Marcy St., 982-3433) and ask for the smoked sea salt caramel sauce that they usually put on the steak to be put on your vanilla ice cream instead. They might look at you funny, but we promise it's worth it. It's kinda salty, kinda spicy, definitely caramelly and totally worth it.

Oh, and also, The Fork likes to put avocado on EVERYTHING. Pick a thing, and we'll avo that sucker up. How about you guys? Have any tips or tricks for off-menu goodness and/or particular substitutions you like to make while eating? Stick to one rule: If it's a huge hassle for the employees, just forget it right now and never speak of it to anyone or you might end up with something you don't want in your food, if you know what we mean. And we think you do.

More Tidbits

-Oh good, celebrity chef Mario Batali has joined the ranks of dudes with marginal power who turn to sexual harassment. Yikes. Turns out Batali creeped all over a fellow (lady) chef some years ago at a wine event in New Orleans—and more. Drag.

-In Great British Baking Show news, which is apparently a thing The Fork is too aware of, there's a special Christmas-themed Masterclass out now with The Fork's best friends Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. The Fork spent some childhood years living in England, and we're pretty sure that's where Christmas was born, so … how many times can we refer to ourselves as The Fork? A lot.

-Speaking of food TV shows, are you guys watching Top Chef? The 15th season, held in Colorado this year, returned last Thursday on Bravo. With teases of changes to the Last Chance Kitchen competition and a drama-filled trailer of what's to come, we're pretty excited to tune in each week. Who will you be rooting for to win it all?

-Someone in the office brought in a big ol' tub of off-brand animal cookies from Target (you know, the ones with white and pink frosting, only these ones only had white), and we mention this only because y'all should get some of these things. Not kidding. We don't know how much they cost offhand, but we'd pay almost anything, probably.

-We hear that Erin Wade, owner of Vinaigrette (709 Don Cubero Alley, 820-9205)—who also owns coffee shop/shovel store Modern General (637 Cerrillos Road, 930-5462)—just signed a least on an Albuquerque location for a second Modern General. Woah. But wait, there's more—right next door to this glorious ABQ location will reportedly live a new wine-focused bar and restaurant. Woah.

-We hear that Blue Corn Brewery (4056 Cerrillos Road, 438-1800) recently tapped a special keg of dark lager with raspberries and coconuts. We wouldn't be surprised if it were already gone, but we're pretty sure that head brewer Paul Mallory has more tricks up his sleeve. SFR visited with Mallory earlier this year for a story, and we love how he's all about collaborating with local businesses when it comes to beer-brewin'.

-The Fork was sad to learn that both Skylight and the grocery section of Talin Market closed last week. There's some cold comfort in Talin's still doing dumplings on Mondays through January (minus Christmas and New Year's Day) as well as kicking off home delivery service here in the Fe. As for Skylight, if you'd like to donate to their employees who lost their jobs leading into the holiday, here's a link to do that.

Also …

A cat we follow on Instagram (@haydenfold) told us that he likes our currently out-there Winter Guide and its glossy goodness. There's a lot in that thing, so click and check it out or find it all over town as you can.

And since The Fork is all about food and eating food and lusting after food, here's another link to this year's Restaurant Guide, this time in the form of wine pairings from our resident sommelier. Go forth and learn the meaning of truthful grapes, or something.


You didn't come with the sickness as hard as you did over Brekkie Bs, but we did get a couple gifts-for-food-fans suggestions. Some of them were simply like "Good knife" and "a pan that heats up food really nice," but we're gonna go with Fork reader Gabrielle, who suggests stainless steel measuring cups. Says our intrepid fan, "Baking with coconut oil rules, but wintertime baking means you have to remelt the oil in the oven before you can mix it into the batter." Solid suggestion, but what are you baking and will you send some? Either way, here's a link to Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe because they can probably help y'all find such a thing.

Also, does anyone remember those Las Cosas commercials from the '90s? If someone has that somehow, can you put it on YouTube and share the link? Before you all think there's no way anyone could have it, we were recently watching old tapes we used to record from TV and saw all kinds of nostalgic commercials, so—make it happen, Fork friends!

Lastly, The Fork totally just got a Nintendo Switch, so if you and your kids know any good recipes to cook up in-game during The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we're all ears (so far we keep concocting what's called "dubious food," and we don't want to make Link eat it).

…till next time.